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Found 26 results

  1. Started having issues with waze back in July. The vehicle on the app freezes but everything else works fine. If I unplug and plug back in it will reset on my current position but usually freezes soon after. Google Maps works completely fine and waze on my phone doesn't have any issues like this in other vehicles.
  2. Bought a 2019 Fusion Titanium for my wife to replace her 2010 Fusion SEL. The sync on the 2010, which I only use for Phone and bluetooth audio is functional but has some issues. The new car has the newer sync and it is the worst most un-intuitive SW I have ever used. Felt like punching the screen after 10 minutes of frustrating interaction with the unit. You try to put a known hotel name as POI in for a distant destination and although it's one of maybe 5 hotels in that town, all you get is names of unrelated businesses in other towns. Ford makes you stare at their low screen so you are sure to swerve and kill yourself and others. It might be quicker if for the next model car they would locate the screen next the brake pedal just to speed up the inevitable crash. Couldn't figure out voice commands to find past destinations. When you shut the car off to get gas, you loose the destination. My 8 year old garmin remembers if you temporarily shut it down and has a previously found menu. Any reason why you can't say redial to call the last number. Every phone I have owned in the last 20 years had a redial button. Hello programmers - ever use a phone? Just getting started. Hopefully it will get better with use. I did find commands that were not listed where I could say state "name", city "name"... to enter addresses. Had no luck getting the SW to understand the entire address the way they recommended it be entered. Is there an instruction manual for this thing? Sorry for the rant but when Consumer Reports said it was better I believed them. I
  3. I have a 2016 Expedition with SYNC3 using version 2.3. Maps are version 1 dot something, basically whatever came with my SUV. Needless to say, speed limits are wrong, roads and interstates are wrong which leads to a poor navigation experience. Some errors are 3+ years old. I called last week and a Ford rep in the SYNC department told me that navigation updates "might" come in spring or summer. This is crazy given the premium that we have paid to have navigation built in. Is there anyone who has received a better or more encouraging answer from Ford? If not, how do we make this issue more visible to create more urgency? I can't believe that there's no uprising to be found when googling this issue.
  4. NO TURN-by-TURN VOICE guidance voice (SYNC 3 NAVIGATION) after start of navigation. At start of route "preamble speech" is OK and volume adjustable using knob while she's speaking per usual ... but NO voice turn-by-turn guidance after that. Worked fine until I hit 30K miles or so. Did I shut down turn-by-turn voice off by doing something in settings? Is it "off-to-see-the-dealer" time? Thanks for any clues. RE: SYNC 3 Navigation, 2017 Ford f-150 Lariat...
  5. Hi, I've only had my car for the last 4 weeks. It is a Focus ST (UK) and is fitted with the Sync 3 system, inc navigation. I've only done 3 journey's where I have been driving for longer than 2 hours, and in each case the Navigation has frozen about 1.5 hours in. I first notice that the map begins to skip about, then I stop moving on the map altogether. The screen between the dials starts to add and remove the next instruction repeatedly. Other functions of the system work ok, e.g I can move to radio or settings, etc. The one time I tried to interact with the navigation system by cancelling the route it hung permanently on "Cancelling route" until I could get to a services, turn off the car, lock it for 10 minutes and restart it. This is a major disappointment for me, before I start the probable nightmare of taking the car to a dealer, has anyone else had this issue? I already tried a Master Reset between journey 2 & 3, but it made no difference. Thanks, Paul.
  6. I have a 2016 Ford Focus ST-line and I'm very disappointed with the Sync 3 navigation on it. It's had its module replaced but it still isn't performing as I think it should. It locks up and seems to be very slow. It doesn't seem to detect traffic and when it says there's traffic there isn't any. What's your experience of it? Clive from the UK.
  7. I've synchronized my contacts from my Android phone to my new 2017 Fusion. When I view the contacts, I can choose to navigate to the address on the contact entry. This works well for most contacts, but if there is an apartment number as part of the address, sync 3 tells me it cannot find the address. I can't even edit the address and save it in sync. I've removed the apartment number in my contacts and it will then find the address. Is there a way to format the address with the apartment number so it will work? Removing apartment numbers from all my contacts really is not an option. BTW, I've found this to be an easy way to transfer POIs to the nav system.
  8. Hi All, I recently got a Fusion 2017 w the SYNC 3 Navigation option and noticed several stability issues. I was wondering how to tackle these, as they happen during driving. Here's a short list: 1. When going through an area with no GPS coverage (enclosed tunnel or bridge) - the GPS loses fix completely. Once it loses fix it takes over 30 minuted to recover and it seems like at some point it gets very delayed GPS fix information. For all intents and purposes - once I go through the tunnel, navigation is useless. 2. When canceling the navigation while having a phone conversation - the audio navigation instructions continue, until the call is disconnected. So the screen reports no active route - while the system continues to guide you audibly. Very weird. I have the latest revision according to Ford's website. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. When using maps, after each voice instruction, the radio comes on, (usually tuned to static because I'm traveling)- any idea how to stop this?
  10. I recently bought a Lincoln MKZ (2013). Love the car hate the Navigation. I updated to A7 after calling Here and confirming it would work in my car. I am disappointed - Wi increased the speed limit on many hwy's to 70 MPH yet the new map says 65. Since updating the map I have had issues with location. The map shows me either in a no man's land or on the wrong parallel road. So, for example - I might be on I94 West but it appears I am on Adler Street which is on my left. Some thing has happened many other times. It's kind of frustrating to say the least. Anyone else see these types of issues. Thanks
  11. As the title says, is there any news on new Europe maps for Sync 2, 2016's sd card with maps is F5 so i guess new one should be called F6???
  12. Hi to all any help with this would be appreciated, Ford Mondeo hybrid sync 3 when I save my home address or work address to navigaton all looks good until I turn the engine off and lock the car when I return the home/work information is gone and needs to be entered every time any advice Mark
  13. I wanted to tell you about how my new 2016 Ford F150, Sync3 GPS is unreliable and therefore not comforting to use at all. First let me state that none of the avoidance settings are enabled or turned on. That is, it can use highways and toll roads and the setting is "Fastest Route". Driving home from Toronto Pearson airport the GPS makes at least 3 very bad decisions. 1st, when leaving the airport it wants me to take highway south to 401 but instead I want to go north to 407 (that is OK, no problem there). The problem comes up that after I commit to going north (since I live north), it keeps wanting me to exit and go back south even after I have driven 6km. As I approach the ramp/exit onto the 407, the GPS wants me to pass it, then get off and then travel all the way south again to the 401. That would take me way out of the way as I live north of the 407. Ignoring the silly advice of the GPS I get on the 407 eastbound. I then travel over to the 404 which I will take north to my house which is very near the 404 (17km north of 407). The exit before the 404, the GPS wants me to get off and take Leslie street and then do who knows what. Why the heck it would want me to get off the exit before the highway north (about 500m) is beyond me. Bad Bad decision. I do not take the exit onto Leslie Street but rather take the very next exit (several hundred meters, very close). This exit is for both North and South 404 access. Well if you thought the previous 2 bonehead pieces of advice was bad, you better sit down. The GPS tells me to go south and wants me to drive down to the next exit southbound, get off and then get on to come back north rather than just taking the northbound ramp that I have right in front of me!!! Why would it not just send me north as the exit I am on goes both north and south. Why send me south to then come back north on the very same highway when there is north ramp as part of this exit off the 407. Bad Bad Bad decision, boggles the mind actually! So I ask you, Would you put any faith and actually follow a GPS that gives advice like that? Does this make the GPS useless? I really hope there is an update to resolve this. Here is basically the route I would take: https://www.google.ca/maps/dir/Toronto+Pearson+International+Airport,+6301+Silver+Dart+Drive,+Mississauga,+ON+L5P+1B2/Gormley,+ON/@43.811307,-79.62374,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x882b394ac02dd491:0xb41d5de9c4030ec5!2m2!1d-79.6248197!2d43.6777176!1m5!1m1!1s0x882ad52ab7167bcf:0x2bdc60c60ccd5273!2m2!1d-79.3791856!2d43.9418049!3e0
  14. I know this might be a long shot but does anyone know if it is possible to add the Ford Factory Navigation after the fact. I bought a 2016 F150 XLT with Sync 3 off a lot and it didn't have navigation and I have come to the conclusion that I would really rather have the nav on the 8in Sync screen then my small garmin screen. So if anyone has added navigation after the fact or have any knowledge if this is even possible i would greatly appreciate it. I know you can add nav to a 2015 F150 with MFT but i can't seem to find anything for a 2016 with Sync 3.
  15. grafen22

    Hate Ford

    Just venting my frustration with Ford. I loved my 2014 Fusion Hybrid and the MyTouch when I first got it. The most useful feature was my ability to use my iPhones address book to select an address and have it used by the Navigation System. (That was after spending hours to change the "Country" code to 2 characters in hundreds of contacts). Then the first Sync upgrade came out and that feature was eliminated and subsequent updates have not returned that feature. I've installed several updates since that first, I honestly i can't see any performance enhancements; only new glitches. Now, that Ford has moved on to Gen 3, I don't have any faith in Ford to fix issues wth Gen 2. Another real pet peeve of mind is you can't (the dealer can't) reverse any upgrades to the system; no way to reset the system back to original software setup and Ford doesn't tell you what the upgrade will accomplish. No more Fords for me.
  16. Is there a known issue with Sync 3 having problems with its navigational system? I am getting repeated Navigational Fault issues on the Touch Screen of my 2016 Edge Titanium. I have been to the dealership and after a two hour diagnostic check of the computer system, they had no answer to what was causing it. The recommendation I got was to disconnect my battery for 10 minutes if it happened again. This is unacceptable. Another strange occurrence is the volume on the audio system will skyrocket upward, on its own, and you cannot adjust downward. You have to turn the audio off.
  17. Is it possible to use the 'address' found in my 'Contacts' on my Android phone, with the Navigation system ? For many years, I have used MS Outlook for mail and more. I use the 'Contacts' and address book, well, an "address book" not a lite phone book. I have proper names, emails, the home, cell, work numbers, and the complete mailing address in the "address book" in Outlook. And this is Sync'd to my Android phone. New to the Sync MyTouch have not been able to find the answer... Is the Sync Navigation system, able to use the Contacts and Address Book on my phone, to pull the street address for navigating? So far it appears it can not, looks lame and will only pull the phone numbers over. Is this a system setting, option, missing options? And if not, a direct work around? Geez would hate to manually type addresses in for locations, that are on my phone. ( yea I know how to get to grandma's house, but Traffic and Weather come in handy ) Frolin
  18. I have recently purchased a 2015 Ford Fusion 2.0 EcoBoost Titanium which came with the Ford Sync 2 system. I would like to understand how I can pair my iPhone so that I can use the Google Maps or Tom Tom Navigation system on the phone. The SD card for the onboard navigation is not currently available for the South African region, and will be to costly. Any help will be appreciated.
  19. I just started using Sync Services Directions, and have noticed that it does not always route the fastest route. It seems like it does not know about some highways that have been in existence several years. I like the service, and want it it work, but I can't use if it does not recognize some roads or apply the fastest route. I can do better with my IPAD setting next to me. Has anyone else experience this? Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks
  20. I purchased a 2013 Ford F150 with MFT but no navigation. I took the APIM with navigation out of another 2013 Ford F150 and installed it into mine to give me the navigation feature. Since doing that, I now get a 911 assist fault message on the touch screen as well as an audible "911 assist is not operational. Please contact dealer for service". I have tried a master reset, disconnected the battery cable, upgraded SYNC, and even tried a new RCM (Restraints Control Module) from the same truck the APIM came from. The dealer is no help because the warranty is void due to a salvage title. Can anyone help me get around this? Thanks in advance!
  21. I have two 2013 Ford F-150's, both with My Ford Touch. One has navigation, the other does not. Does anyone know if I could switch the systems from one truck to the other and vice versa. I'd like the navigation feature in the car that currently doesn't have it. I'm selling the other, so I'd like the navigation feature removed and installed in my new truck.
  22. Is there a way to change the display to show what TIME I will arrive, instead of how long it will take to get there? I always liked that feature on my Android phone. It also makes it easier to tell if you are running behind, or making up time.
  23. Hi, Few weeks ago Navigation Audio stopped working. I have no idea what to do, beside going to the garage. Does anyone has any idea ? Thank you, Jacob
  24. Ford # 12. 2014 Fusion SE 1.5L Eco-boost. Ingot Silver metallic, 201A appearance pkg. SE TECH MYFORD Touch pkg, No NAV, Reverse sensing, Had it a week, LOVE IT. How do they get so much performance from an engine smaller than my old 1967 VW. I love my Garvin GPS. That's why I opted not to include the MYTouch NAV module.
  25. My cell, a Rezound, works with the Fusion Bluetooth function for phone calls. I use the navigation function on my cell phone (do not have in car nav) but cannot figure how to get the directions played through the bluetooth and auto speakers. What am I missing?