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Found 3 results

  1. I purchased a 2013 Ford F150 with MFT but no navigation. I took the APIM with navigation out of another 2013 Ford F150 and installed it into mine to give me the navigation feature. Since doing that, I now get a 911 assist fault message on the touch screen as well as an audible "911 assist is not operational. Please contact dealer for service". I have tried a master reset, disconnected the battery cable, upgraded SYNC, and even tried a new RCM (Restraints Control Module) from the same truck the APIM came from. The dealer is no help because the warranty is void due to a salvage title. Can anyone help me get around this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Over the last few weeks my touch screen in my 2011 edge has gotten worse and worse at touch response to the point where it is now nearly imposiible to use any function that requires pressing buttons on the upper right quarter of the screen. I've pulled the fuse sever times and dne a master reset rice to no avail. Anyone have ny experience in this area? I can't even use the nav system since I have to touch the top right corner or the screen. It's really upsetting!
  3. My MFT update flash drive came in the mail but it won't work. It gives me error messages telling me that the installation cannot continue. I called Tech Support and they had me do a Master Reset among other things and then had me try again but it still didn't work. They told me I would have to get it done at the dealer. But my dealer has only one person who knows anything about SYNC so every time I bring it in it takes three days for them to do anything. They connected me to Customer Care because I told them I shouldn't have to pay over a hundred dollars for a rental for the same problem I've had since I bought my Edge seven months ago. The Customer Care woman told me they wouldn't give me a free loaner car. I explained to her that in the first month alone I had my Edge it was in the shop three different times to fix MFT and each time was at least three days of paying for a rental at $35/day plus taxes and that I shouldn't have to pay for that again. She took my info and said she'd call back. She called back about 10 minutes later (making it a point that she called back within the 10-15 minute promise that she made to me). She told me that since the MFT update is supposed to only take an hour, they won't give me a loaner car. I reiterated that the dealer only has one person to work on SYNC systems and that every time I've brought it into the shop in the past always took three days so I have no reason to believe that it would only take an hour, especially since it can't be done by flash drive. She then suggested that maybe I received a bad flash drive but I told her that I got this same error message when I tried the downloadable version from syncmyride. She then blamed my hardware and I pointed out that if it is my actual USB slots (which I know is not the case because I play music on two different USB sticks), it will certainly take more than one hour to fix/replace the hardware and then apply the upgrade but she disagreed and remained firm. I am completely disgusted by this company. It is well-known that the system has been flawed since day one. I have already spent more money and more time than I should have to try to get it fixed and they won't let me use a car for free?!? Even if it does only take an hour like she swears it will, why not put your money where your mouth is?!? But no. All she did was tell me how sorry she was. But I have heard enough of that for the past seven months and I am tired of it. I just want this thing fixed. This is my first non GM car ever and my first non Chevy in 12 years and I am regretting this move. Chevy's customer care was excellent to me. They gave me a loaner the one time in 12 years that I had to have warranty service done and they even gave me loaners when I got there late in the day for oil change and inspection stickers and they knew they wouldn't have me done before closing. Not to mention the fact that my Trailblazers cost less but had more features than my Edge.