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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I recently got a Fusion 2017 w the SYNC 3 Navigation option and noticed several stability issues. I was wondering how to tackle these, as they happen during driving. Here's a short list: 1. When going through an area with no GPS coverage (enclosed tunnel or bridge) - the GPS loses fix completely. Once it loses fix it takes over 30 minuted to recover and it seems like at some point it gets very delayed GPS fix information. For all intents and purposes - once I go through the tunnel, navigation is useless. 2. When canceling the navigation while having a phone conversation - the audio navigation instructions continue, until the call is disconnected. So the screen reports no active route - while the system continues to guide you audibly. Very weird. I have the latest revision according to Ford's website. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hi to all-Just bought a used 2016 Fusion Titanium and it only has a compass on the screen-in one conner however it has the place for a gps chip- beside the usb-connoctor in the cubby-does this mean that it will work if i can buy a chip or will something be missing--would use phone but I am tite with data(lol) so glad I found this great forum
  3. I wanted to tell you about how my new 2016 Ford F150, Sync3 GPS is unreliable and therefore not comforting to use at all. First let me state that none of the avoidance settings are enabled or turned on. That is, it can use highways and toll roads and the setting is "Fastest Route". Driving home from Toronto Pearson airport the GPS makes at least 3 very bad decisions. 1st, when leaving the airport it wants me to take highway south to 401 but instead I want to go north to 407 (that is OK, no problem there). The problem comes up that after I commit to going north (since I live north), it keeps wanting me to exit and go back south even after I have driven 6km. As I approach the ramp/exit onto the 407, the GPS wants me to pass it, then get off and then travel all the way south again to the 401. That would take me way out of the way as I live north of the 407. Ignoring the silly advice of the GPS I get on the 407 eastbound. I then travel over to the 404 which I will take north to my house which is very near the 404 (17km north of 407). The exit before the 404, the GPS wants me to get off and take Leslie street and then do who knows what. Why the heck it would want me to get off the exit before the highway north (about 500m) is beyond me. Bad Bad decision. I do not take the exit onto Leslie Street but rather take the very next exit (several hundred meters, very close). This exit is for both North and South 404 access. Well if you thought the previous 2 bonehead pieces of advice was bad, you better sit down. The GPS tells me to go south and wants me to drive down to the next exit southbound, get off and then get on to come back north rather than just taking the northbound ramp that I have right in front of me!!! Why would it not just send me north as the exit I am on goes both north and south. Why send me south to then come back north on the very same highway when there is north ramp as part of this exit off the 407. Bad Bad Bad decision, boggles the mind actually! So I ask you, Would you put any faith and actually follow a GPS that gives advice like that? Does this make the GPS useless? I really hope there is an update to resolve this. Here is basically the route I would take: https://www.google.ca/maps/dir/Toronto+Pearson+International+Airport,+6301+Silver+Dart+Drive,+Mississauga,+ON+L5P+1B2/Gormley,+ON/@43.811307,-79.62374,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x882b394ac02dd491:0xb41d5de9c4030ec5!2m2!1d-79.6248197!2d43.6777176!1m5!1m1!1s0x882ad52ab7167bcf:0x2bdc60c60ccd5273!2m2!1d-79.3791856!2d43.9418049!3e0
  4. My truck is just short of 36k miles and some 14 months old. Last few days GPS has intermittent errors where is off track. Having work as GPS developer and tester for many years looks like (if I did not no better) GPS was being interfered with or jamed (I worked on DOD GPS systems jamming was a real concern) Hate to have to go to the dealyer and since its intermittent getting issue fix could be an issue. Wondering if there is way to view the satellite data the GPS system is tracking AND where the GPS antenna is located After doing some more reading about Ford's GPS system I leanding towards system going into dead reckining. I watch the system coming to work this morning and it did try to track my path but clearly was not using GPS (lost GPS short while after starting my 45 min drive). May have a atenna issue, have couple more things to try before taking in for service
  5. Anyone having problems with MFT turn-by-turn directions? 1. Seems to pick the "shortest" route instead of "fastest", yet it's really neither. 2. System keeps telling me that I've left the route, but I haven't! I'm following it exactly. I've got a 2013 Escape with version 3.5.1 software.
  6. Hi all, I have recently bought a 2010 fusion sport. I am looking to upgrade the head unit with this http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/483417238-For-Ford-Fusion-Explorer-Expedition-Edge-F-150-Car-Radio-GPS-Navigation-System-wholesalers.html I really like the fact that it loads up with ford image. My question is has anyone already Done this with this with this particular unit and are there any pitfalls you can share with me. Does it work with a 2010 dash? I believe I will lose the voice activated sync feature but I will gain a gps, DVD, rear camera, tv etc so I think it's a fair trade. Any help or advise with alternative systems would be appreciated.