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Found 3 results

  1. I am looking for a download file of Sync3 v2.2 (v2.3 might work) for an APIM with Navigation. I'm suffering from one of those common issues where a 2016 with early Sync 3 will not update correctly from version 1 straight to version 3. A file of v2.2 would help me out, unless someone has found a better solution. As it currently sits, my unit says it is in v3.0, but voice recognition is "not ready" and I cant use Andriod Auto or update maps due to a faulty update. Please help.
  2. All, Really need Help here. First let me start by saying I support software for a well known company for a living so I know my way around a computer. I have a 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum that is currently on Sync 3 Version 2.0. I have attempted the download through the auto updates and from the looks of it the check for updates is successful but nothing downloads. I went online and found that users can download it to USB and apply manually. I actually prefer this method so it wasn't a big deal. I registered my car VIN, and created an account about 2 months ago. I am also using Ford Pass. When i go to the Support>Sync Update Download page,for 2 months I have been getting the following message. "You do not have a download available at this time" Not only would I expect to see a prior version since there have been a few between 2.0 and 3.0, i get this message. So I decided to give the Sync 3 Support a try not only through the chat option, but by calling directly. Big Mistake! I have called numerous time in which: Call 1: You have 2.1 available on the page just go to the page and download it. Call2: Advised 2.1 was not available on the page and was told that its a known issue and to be patient. Chat: After going over the same steps for 30 minutes, I asked to escalate the issue. After another hold I was told that my system could "never" be updated as it was a limitation of my software. Being in support I asked what exactly was the limitation considering one of the features is automatic updates. They couldn't tell me. I asked to speak with someone who could further assist and was told that they were it. If I spent this much money on a car, I need specific information to what that limitation is. Not too much to ask for. The technician said they would escalate to tech support. Email From: Got a response from the escalated ticket just for them to say that some 2016 models cannot be upgraded. Good to know. If I know anyone with a 2016 model considering at this point I have stated numerous times I have a 2017. Email To: I Replied back and asked for further support and advised that the case clearly states I have a 2017 model. Received no response Email To: I then sent a follow up to see if any further assistance could be provided. Again I received no response. Call 3: Was told the same thing as call 1. Which is it? Limitation of my software or not? Mixed answers. I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor so we can figure this out. I was told manager would say the same thing. So I said that it is fine, I will discuss it with him to see who I need to talk to net to get this resolved. I was then hung up on Only good news I received this time was the survey the automated system asked me to take. Gladly! Call 4: Called back the normal number and said that I simply wanted a number that I could file a complaint. Also tried different browsers to see if this was the issue: FireFox, Edge, Chrome and same thing. All i want is to be able to talk to someone who is knowledgeable and not reading from a troubleshooting script. The only contact information always brings me to support and the same people. You literally cannot file a complaint if you wanted to! I have scoured the internet and am suprised I cant find anything, Am I the only one having this issue? Before I go as far as sending snail mail to their CEO, maybe someone here can help? Since I cant get any help, has anyone else had this problem and resolved it? or I am confident I can perform the update myself and can likely find it online, however I would like to see if anyone else has done it by downloading the update from a 3rd party and not Ford. Anyone download from a 3rd party and install?
  3. Good day to all, I'm new to the forum and located in Trinidad and I'm the proud new owner for a 2017 Ranger Wildtrak. I'm looking to update my sync3 system to 3.0 to enable the Waze functionality that was recently announced but I'm a bit confused on which software exactly I should download. I have a non-nav unit, as seen as in the picture below, I am unable to register for the owner website as my VIN isn't registered in the US database. Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I'm currently on a 2.0 release.