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  1. One of the things I really like about sync in my 2020 F150 Limited is the ability to bookmark a song/artist while its playing, so that I get a notification the next time that song/artist is on. This has been working great for the past 2 years. Yesterday, I heard a song I really liked and tried to bookmark it, but got a message saying the notification list is full. Anyone know what the limit is on how many bookmarks you can have? Is there any way to go through that list and delete some of them? I'm assuming that limit is fixed and there's no way to expand it. 😞
  2. Just got off the phone with Navteq. They sent me the wrong map update, and are overnighting the correct one.
  3. You are correct. My 2009 KR nav unit requires the disc to be in at all times. And it is looking like Navteq sent me the wrong disc. Its the same one that I got for the KR.
  4. Thank you so much for the info, but its now looking like Navteq sent me the wrong update disc. The one I have has only 1 disc, and the label on the disc/case is "FLM Navigation System/North America/Map Release 9P". What does the label on yours say? Also, did you order this map update directly from Navteq? Do you have the part number? Thanks again!
  5. Were you able to install the update? I'm assuming that the 2010 Expedition would have the same nav system as the F-150.
  6. Yes, and they were running a free shipping special.
  7. I wish! The instructions are for the 2007-2009 Navigation systems. No reference at all to the 2010 model.
  8. Got an email from Navteq about the new version of maps. Ordered the DVD and received it last week. Its labeled "FLM Navigation System/North America/Map Release 9P". I have been through the F-150 Owners Manual and the Sync Navigation manual, but there is no mention of how to install the new version. I sent an email to Navteq, but they said that they don't support the navigation hardware and that I'll have to go to the dealer. Anyone know how to install this? Thanks
  9. I'm convinced that this is an Apple issue, and believe I now have the proof. I tested this scenario using a Jabra hands-free, visor-mounted speakerphone in my other car. Same exact thing. It connects and works fine as long as you don't do anything else with the phone. While sitting at a stoplight, I picked up my phone to check my calendar. About 5 seconds after starting the calendar app, the phone disconnected. I'm going to drop by an Apple store in the next couple of days to ask them about it.
  10. Found some new problems. If I get in the car and it auto connects, and I do nothing other than make/receive calls, the phone works fine. If I do anything else with the phone, it disconnects. I have two examples of this. I was sitting in the car, engine running, transmission in Park. Brought up Safari in the iPhone to lookup an address. After about a minute of web surfing, the phone disconnected from Sync. This morning while stuck in traffic, I made a phone call through Sync. After the call, I picked up the iPhone to add something to my calendar. After about a minute of entering the appointment information, the phone disconnected. In both cases, I was able to manually reconnect the iPhone and it stayed connected. I guess you just can't do anything else besides use the actual phone through Sync without it disconnecting.
  11. Did the update to the 4.1 OS on the iPhone yesterday afternoon. Once the update was complete, I went into the settings on the iPhone and told it to forget the Sync device, and turned off bluetooth. Went to the truck and did another master reset and pulled the Sync fuse. After about 5 minutes, put the fuse back in, turned bluetooth back on in the phone and did the pairing. So far so good! No connectivity issues last night or this morning. I'm also happy to say that I can now skip forward, backward and pause songs while listening to the iPhone's iPod, by using the Sync screen. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!
  12. After all that, I get in the truck to head home, and it almost immediately disconnects. I try the manual reconnection and now it won't work. So, I'm worse off than before. I'm pulling the Sync fuse, leaving it out and getting another one of those Jabra bluetooth speakerphones like I have in my other car. It works flawlessly every time. When Apple releases OS 4.1, I'll give Sync one more try, but I've really had it with this product. I don't care if its Apple's for Ford's fault. Bottom line is that it just doesn't work.
  13. After some experimenting, and based on some posts over in the Sync community forums, I think I have this fixed. Can't be sure until I give it a couple of days, but so far so good. I tried this first: In the iPhone general settings, go to Bluetooth, select the Sync device and tell it to forget this device. In the Advanced phone settings in Sync, delete the phone and do a master reset. Re-add the phone in Sync, going to the iPhone, selecting the Sync connection and entering the code. After doing all this, not only did the phone immediately disconnect, but I could not get it to connect again at all. So, again based on some info at the Sync community forums, I went through these steps: In the iPhone general settings, go to Bluetooth, select the Sync device and tell it to forget this device. In the Advanced phone settings in Sync, delete the phone and do a master reset. Pull the Sync fuse (#13 in my truck) and let it sit while I went to lunch. Put the fuse back in and crank up the truck. Re-add the phone in Sync, going to the iPhone, selecting the Sync connection and entering the code. For the ride back to the office (about 25 minutes), the phone stayed connected. Didn't try making a call this time. BTW, I didn't have any problems with my iPhone 4 until I updated the OS to 4.0.2. The original 4.0 and 4.0.1 worked fine. Now the big test will be when I get back in the truck tonight. If the phone connects and stays connected, then I will feel pretty good that this worked.
  14. Gave that a try, but still the same result. Phone disconnects within a minute, but manually pairing it after that works fine.
  15. Once I manually reconnect, its fine until the next day. I can even get out of the truck, go do something and come back, and it will connect. It just seems to be the first time each day. BTW, the message I get when it disconnects is "Bluetooth Disconnected", both spoken and on the display.