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  1. Hi I have a ford S-MAX from 2019, that have a issue with the bluetooth to any cellphones (have try 4). The issues are: That the phone and car won't connect. But sometimes it work. If i try to delete my cellphone, on the radio it won't delete it. But after i try to delete it 3-4 times, it will end up with just deleting the name of the phone. But there are still a connection. If i do a master reset, it will only delete my favorit in GPS, not the bluetooth or my favorit radio stations. So it look like it not reseting it total. But if i have manual deleted the phone, and have an empty name entry in the phone list, and do a master reset two or three times, it will final remove the phone. I have try to have the minus disconnected from the car, but that dosn't fixed it either. Do anyone knows of a other way to do a full reset of the radio?