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  1. I am trying to connect to the wifi at my residence which relies on mac address filtering for security purposes. Does anyone know where to find the vehicle's wifi mac address?
  2. Wiremaniac

    SYNC 3 WIFI mac address

    I have a 2020 F-150 XLT. Unfortunately there isn’t anything there. Thanks
  3. I am having trouble with the Ford Pass app where it is not updating the information on the "Vehicle" screen of my 2020 F-150 XLT. I have tried soft resets but to no avail. I am leading up to doing a master reset, but it indicates that the system will be restored to factory defaults. Since I am not certain that my upgrades to the vehicle (trailer brake controller and subwoofer) will be restored, I am hesitant to do the master reset. This could be something to worry about if I have to pay the dealership to reprogram the system. I do not know if any of the technicians are saving the new configurations to disk/thumb drive after performing an upgrade. So, is this a valid concern? Is it possible for me to save the configuration without having specialized interface equipment?