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  1. [SOLVED] Quick Update - It was indeed the APIM as suspected, didn't need Ford to tell me that so I can cancel the appointment. I replaced the APIM with the model numbers I referenced above - JS7T-14G370-GJG replaced with JS7T-14G370-GJF - and can confirm that it works flawlessly. Apparently model numbers don't have to be EXACT, but it still certainly seems ideal to have them mostly match. I picked it up on ebay for $175. It took 10 minutes to find the right part and vet the seller, and a total of 30 minutes to take out and reinstall. Insanely easy and I have functional USB ports, audio, and rear camera now. Hope this helps someone in the future.
  2. The screen doesn't come on at all, there is zero audio, and neither of the 2 USB ports work.
  3. First time poster here, thanks in advance for even reading this! I'm 90% sure the APIM failed on my 2018 Fusion. I just popped it out and want to order a new one. The question is, does the part number have to be EXACTLY the same? My current APIM is JS7T-14G370-GJG and I'm wondering if JS7T-14G370-GJF will work. If not, what is the best place to source a replacement APIM and are there any other steps necessary for programming, etc or is it just plug and play? No radio is absolutely brutal... Thank you so much for any feedback. Quick edit here: As an aside, is there a reliable way to test an APIM? In this situation the screen hasn't come on for almost 2 full weeks now after some intermittent functionality. All standard troubleshooting methods have been exhausted (fuses, battery reset, holding the buttons, etc.)