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  1. I hope this is the correct forum to ask this. I have a 2016 Ford Edge Titanium. I recently updated my sync to v3.0 and got the updated USB module from my local Ford dealer. I still cannot get CarPlay and worse I keep getting an error message that says USB hub not supported please remove. I have watch countless videos and read countless forum posts and this has not worked out as easy for me as all the stuff I have read and watched. I asked my local service department that simply said this is impossible and only available on 2018 and above models with sync 4.0. can anyone help me out on what I may be missing or can try? I did check the model number for the usb hub that matches exactly what I saw in the videos only it ends in an F instead of a B. The description for the one I got says it replaces the models that end in B and E so I assume it is not the hub but I do not know for sure.
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    So I unhooked the battery for 15 min. No luck. Master reset. No luck and had the dealer swap the usb hub. No luck. Once I hooked up the replacement hub again first message was hub is not supported please remove. Master reset got rid of that message but still no car play. I am still thinking because of that message the hub is the problem but the deal claims this hub is a direct replacement for the prior hubs compatible with my edge and CarPlay. They said I am unable to return any electrical parts but we’re willing to do a one time swap so I am stuck with this hub now. I am reluctant to order another unless I can get from Amazon or somewhere I can for sure return. I am using an iPhone 13 Pro Max that just got iOS 16 update but didn’t work last week when I still had iOS 15 anyway. Would be kinda silly if newer versions didn’t work with this CarPlay for any reason. I am all out of ideas on what to try and worst of all I dropped one of the damn screws this last time putting everything together. Everything holds together fine but I know one is missing and it bugs me lol. Now I gotta try and find a replacement screw somehow 🤦‍♂️.
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    Sync says v3.0 and I did get the hub from the dealer. There are other Ford dealers just not close by like the one I called which is where the car was originally bought too. I just gotta get the time to take the hub back out and have the parts department swap it out. Probably won’t be until the weekend since work and kids schedules keep us busy until after the dealer closes. One of these nights in the meantime I will try the battery disconnect first. I do appreciate everyone’s help here and will update when I hopefully come across a solution.
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    Thank you for the link. I have googled everything I could and have read most of those links that come up. They all make it seam that you need to update firmware, done, then swap out the usb, also done. There is nothing I can find about what if it still doesn’t work lol. Either I need a later update or the hub is bad as mentioned. I turned to the dealer for help and was shot down so I will disconnect the battery to let everything reset then swap out the hub and if that fails will have to google more about the firmware to see if something else not mentioned in any of those links or videos is missing. Maybe the cord site didn’t give me the latest firmware or something as unlikely as that seams. I was hoping by posting on some forums I’d get someone or a few that maybe had the same problem and the solution. Eventually if all else fails I’ll just have to give up and tell the Mrs she will have to do without CarPlay lol.
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    Sorry Ford website. I did grab a new Apple made wire and that didn’t help. Did a master reset to no avail as well. Part I got is HC3Z-19A387-F. I did get a message that the usb hub is not compatible please remove. Problem is I don’t know if it’s the hub or the firmware.
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    I should have started that this car was given to us by my mother in law so it’s new to me. I put the vin in the cord website and downloaded and followed the instructions for putting it in usb and installing. Install went fine and it now reports v3.0 instead of 1.0 when I got the car.