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  1. sent you a link....if i did it right
  2. well.........didn't need to do a master reset. used voice command like was suggested, "bluetooth audio", and that worked. when car shuts off, sync reverts back to sync line-in and have to do voice command command again, but then line-in option disappears from media options. Must not be on the lastest/final software version as it does not display song title. Sync version is EB09735.8.00294_sp0> if that means anything to anybody. Thanks for all the awesome help!!!!
  3. will do a master reset then try to determine what version i have and whether there is/was any updates from what it is.
  4. Going out today to mess with it more, wasn't home a lot yesterday. I did try to have phone playing audio first but still couldn't get to play through car. I have a galaxy s9.
  5. Yeah, figured it was long ago not supported, but if I do a master reset which takes it back to original version, is there somewhere to aquire any updates that were available at that time? I was on fords sync site, but maybe someone knows of archive sites or somewhere that might have them. Thx!
  6. Finally got phones deleted though not exactly per fords instructions. As for updating and such, on fords website, I enter my VIN, but Ford tells me I have a valid VIN but have no compatible hardware or such comment.
  7. Have a 2012 Escape with Gen1 SYNC. The phone and SYNC hooked up fine and calls work through phone/SYNC, but stepping through media on the steering wheel shows a little bluetooth icon but gives no option for bluetooth audio. I disconnected phone and reconnected but nothing. I just got this truck and per instructions on the web, I still can't figure out how to remove a phone that was in there and my phone. Should I just do a reset or any ideas? Thanks!!