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  1. Sorry, I should have updated this post a while back. Everything has been working well for a while now. New cable and updates. Hope it stays this way. Thanks for all the input!!
  2. I was mistaken. It had SYNC 3. Not sure of the version. I had TGA (Transient Global Amnesia) a few days after purchasing the truck. I can't recall the version. Sorry if I misled you! Thanks again for your comments!
  3. I bought my truck used. When I purchased it, it only had SYNC 2. Not sure of the version (2.2???). The dealer upgraded the software to the current version which is SYNC3 v3.0.20204 (according to the Ford website). I used the Android Auto feature for the first time with a 3-foot LG data cable and it worked fine. I wanted to use a longer cable, so I tried the 6-foot cable, that I use for my Android Auto in my 2018 Accord (which works fine with it) in the truck and it would not work. It kept disconnecting. So, I ordered a new 3 ft cable for the truck so that I could take my LG data cable back in the house for my laptop. It works ok, but as I stated the ports seem to be a little loose. When I was searching for part number for the USB module, I found several numbers. As I stated, while I was checking for the part number, I read a few articles that stated if you upgraded from SYNC 2 to SYNC 3, the USB module needed to be upgraded. Hope this clears things up and doesn't make it more confusing. I will check with my local Ford dealer. Thanks!
  4. Okay, my cable is working well! Another related issue. Both of the USB ports are a little loose. I have been searching the web for a replacement part but have been getting multiple part numbers. While searching, I read that the USB module needed to be replaced if an upgrade was made from SYNC 2 to SYNC 3. Does anyone know what the correct part number is? 2016 Ford F-150 Supercrew SYNC3 v3.0.20204 Thanks in advance for all your help!!
  5. I ended up buying a 3ft cable and all is well. Thanks for all the support!
  6. I have tried the same cable with the same phone in my 2018 Accord and it works fine. Thanks for the thought!
  7. Could be. I was having the same though, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the reply and info!
  8. I have a 2016 F150 with Sync 3 Version 3.0 I am trying to use my Samsung Galaxy S21 for Android Auto with a 6 foot cable. I can connect with bluetooth and I can connect via a short data cable to the USB port and I can use Android Auto. The short cable I am using is an LG cable (1FTFW1EG5GFC29298) and works well. I am wanting to use a longer cable (6 feet), but every cable I try does not work. The Sync 3 states that the device is not compatible. I am trying to use the following: Reversible USB Type-C 3.1 24 Pin Max Speed: Up to 5.0 Gbps Oxygen Free Copper Wire Nickel Plated Connectors Suggested Maximum Current: 1.0A When I connect this cable, it will connect and then disconnect multiple times. Anybody have any suggestion on what type of a long cable I can use? Thanks!