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  1. Hi I have recently bought a nearly new Fiesta Vignale (2020 model), and it has speed sign recognition via a camera. Mine is working only intermittently, goes for 10mins or so then it seems to stick for half hour or more then sometimes suddenly comes back to life. Think I may have to book the car into garage under warranty. Anyone else had problems with it? Ford seem to think it should be reliable and the SYNC 3 maps on the Vignale do not show the speed limit and there is no user way of turning them on – so if the sign recognition does not work its easy to be unsure of the speed limit one is in. Any ideas? Could it be the camera at fault? Have made sure windscreen is clean. Is it possible to increase the sensitivity of the camera? This is not a user function but maybe one Ford can do. Anyone know about this? Really appreciate any help or ideas.
  2. Is there anyway to sort favourites alphabetically. My old 2015 fiesta sat nav was able to do this, but I cannot see how to do this in Sync 3. Would appreciate any comments or help. Thanks.