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  1. My apologies. I have a 2015 Ford Fusion. This is an upgrade from a Sync 2 system, to a Sync 3. I have Sync 3.4 My phone connects via bluetooth or CarPlay, but the sound from music or phone calls has never worked. I tried connecting via a cable and was able to see CarPlay working on the screen. It shows a call come in but no sound. I shows a song is playing but no sound (through the speakers). Same with the navigation, it runs on the screen, but when it goes to give and audio direction, the radio goes quiet, but there is no sound from the navigation itself. The radio itself plays fine, I hear sound no problem. I did a master reset and nothing changed. Same issues.
  2. Hello. My iPhone 10 is connect to the Sync 3 system. I hear no audio on incoming call. It shows the call, but no sound. The volume is up all the way on both the phone and on the radio dial. I also do not hear sound if I play music from my phone via bluetooth. Again, the phone is connected, the volumes are up and it show on my phone the song is playing. I also hear no sound when using navigation. The sound on the nav screen is not muted. I tried hitting mute, and unmuting and no sound. Please help.