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  1. Hi All, I bought an android headunit to replace SYNC 1 in a Focus Mk3.5 (2015). I removed the Ford facia, SYNC display, CD player then installed the android headunit but decided I didn’t like it. So, I put everything back together as it was but there’s no sync menu it just stays on the date and time. Anyone know why? Is it an anti-theft thing? I thought sync didn’t have security. Tried pulling the sync fuse for a while but still same. Tried a second hand replacement display but still the same
  2. mjmitch

    SYNC 1 master reset?

    I did try that but did not work for me
  3. mjmitch

    SYNC 1 master reset?

    Unfortunately, there's no mention in manual in the SYNC section. Hopefully what i did will help others in same situation.
  4. mjmitch

    SYNC 1 master reset?

    OK what i did was remove the F67 fuse (7.5a) from the fuse box located behind the passenger side glove box then started the car and let it idle for 5mins, switched off, put fuse back in and SYNC was restored to full functionality. This was preformed on a 2015 Focus Zetec (UK).
  5. mjmitch

    SYNC 1 master reset?

    Did a keyword search for all battery entries in manual and it mentions replacing battery with one of the same spec and how to recalibrate the electric windows but no mention of SYNC
  6. mjmitch

    SYNC 1 master reset?

    Thanks for reply. How do I perform the sync master reset you mention?
  7. Hi All, i had the battery disconnected for a few hours which has resulted in the following Sync 1 issues: On the Media button menu, BT audio is missing, only options are radio or CD. "Sync initial." Is greyed out and can't be selected Sync Settings and Sync Apps error is "sync connection error". No power/data via the two USB ports. The phone button no longer responds. How do i reset back to full operational settings? Ford Focus 2015 VIN: WF05XXGCC5FY76969