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  1. The APIM was replace because of Blue Tooth connectivity issues, I did do a master reset, a screen calibration and still having issues with the audio inputs switching randomly while driving or sitting still. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when or why this is happening.
  2. Not sure of what version of Sync 2 but APIM was just replaced last week replaced so I would assume it's the latest version? Eight inch touch screen and it is usually happens when I'm driving and can also happen when at at traffic light or stopped. ETA Just found that it is Version 3.10
  3. New guy here, having issues with a Sony audio system. I have a USB Stick with my music, every so often the input will switch from USB to blue tooth, then to RCA input and then AM/FM. Question is this a Audio Control Module issue, or an APIM problem. Thanks