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  1. I was able to finally get two phones to work, somewhat? One of the phones is connected by USB (main). The other is connected by Bluetooth. I go into settings and pick the second phone to play media. This leaves the main phone for calls. After that if I want to play music, podcast, etc. I go to sources and pick the (second) phone. With two phones connected to Sync. I cannot do google voice commands or see google maps on the sync screen. Like i could with just one phone connected usb.
  2. I am trying to hook 2 android phones up to my 2019 F150. I want one to be able to answer the phone and the other to stream music or podcast. I have tried for hours making one my favorite to answer phone calls. And the other for music. I cannot get the music one to work thru the truck. If it matters it is a S21+ samsung. Any suggestions?