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  1. papaoso

    Fail to Sync 3 Update

    I answer no and the update continued from the thumb drive. Now the software version is 3.0.20204. After uploaded the confirmation file to owners.ford.com I check again for update and no new update are available to my system. This is the last update for this system? I saw something about 3.4 for what system it is?
  2. papaoso

    Fail to Sync 3 Update

    Thanks, I start to see light at the end of the tunnel. The problem seams to be the file system. The first USB stick were formated on exfat. I give a try on fat32 and the update begun. Now I have a warning about they need to connect to a Wi-Fi, I should answer yes and connect to Wi-Fi to continue with the update?
  3. What I'm doing wrong? I own a 2018 F150 with sync 3.0 on it. I entered to owners.ford.com and find out a update is available. After downloaded and decompressed the file, loaded on a ExFat formatted thumb drive and plugged in the USB port under the console nothing happened. I tried leaving the file compressed and with several sticks with no luck. I tried to do it using Wi-Fi, after I hit "check for updates now" it returned with the current date and time as the last updated checked but wont do anything and the version continues as 3.0