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  1. So I followed the instructions from the Ford Sync website for downloading the update on a Mac computer and it's either out of date or just plain wrong.  First of all Stuffit Expander is not available for the Mac anymore in the U.S.  STRIKE 1.

    The only choice available when right clicking on the downloaded ZIP file is "Archive Utility" which is the current default expander for the Mac.  This worked but did not create a folder named SyncMyRide as the Ford website instructions claim it will.  It created several a folder named: 5U5T-14G381-EK.  There is no folder named SyncMyRide  STRIKE 2.  Inside that folder there are several SyncMyRide files which appear not to have been expanded and are still in Zipped format. STRIKE 3.

    Questions:  1.  Do I create the SyncMyRide folder and put everything in there including the auto.install.lst and DONTINDX.MSA or just the SyncMyRide files.  2.  Is it even necessary to create the folder?


    Thanks for your help on this.  Here's a screenshot of the files created by using Archive Utility to expand the zipped file: