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  1. Great information, thank you all again. I have a DrewTech Cardaq Plus2 so I can reflash modules if need be, I will need to figure out which module the the Sync resides in... my guess is it will be in the APIM. If I reflash to the As-Built, I should get back to 2.6, I think. I can and will go to the Ford website and download the As-Built data for my car but it is binary so you can't really find the version information inside of the files easily, iirc. If I am successful at that then I might feel daring enough to try the 3.4 upgrade. It used to be all too easy to brick modules, that has gotten better, thankfully. I'll check the cost of the module in question first and decide if it is worth the risk, mostly it would just be for education, as someone said earlier, I doubt that I will see any gain. Truly, I would be happy to get back to the previous version at this point and see if the tach goes back to the way I remember it working. Here is the module reset procedure from the Sync rep... I thought it odd that you lock the driver's door while it was open and then shut it, but I followed the procedure as stated. If anyone recognizes this and knows exactly which module this reset it for I'd appreciate the information. -Gary
  2. Thank you all for the information, unfortunately it is not under warranty. The tach also is to the left of where it used to be, or at least it sure seems that way to me. I could see the whole tach clearly before the update but when I took off after the update part of the left side was hidden by the steering wheel. I contacted Ford Sync Support about it through their live chat. After some research they told me that the module needed to be reset and gave me a procedure for it. I followed the procedure and it seemed like I did it properly based the car's responses but, alas, it didn't help. I also asked about why the 3.4 update was not available to me, they said the updates do not all go out to everyone at the same time and that I should check periodically. Thank you for the advice to contact them... even though I didn't get what I hoped for, I now know that there is support and how to get in touch with them. I'll be looking for the update, I'm glad to hear that it can receive that update, hopefully Ford will enable it for me soon. I will report back if and when they do. -Gary
  3. Hello everyone, I am new here and new to my 2018 Fusion, I bought it Tuesday. I updated Sync last night to version 3.0 build 19205 (iirc); this seems odd since others on here are talking about version 3.4, anyone have an explanation for that? I noticed this morning that my tach seemed to be slightly to the left of where it was before and it no longer moves smoothly with the engine speed, it steps up and down, fine increments, but it is quite noticeable. I regret updating now. Perhaps another update may fix it? Do these updates build upon each other, perhaps? Thanks in advance, Gary