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  1. My 7th generation iPod Touch arrived. Works great with sync 3.4 Was not a cable issue: 5th generation simply will not display artwork or titles while playing but works fine with Bluetooth. Must be something about the operating system. original Apple cable made no difference. There should be a site informing people of compatibility of the different Generations of MP3 players
  2. I just tried my friends iPhone via the same lightning cable. Did not let it start Apple carplay. Music played fine. I suspect it's the old iPod
  3. It has thunderbolt but pretty sure its iOS 9
  4. Tried 4 different cables. Think one is an official apple cable but will borrow another from someone later this week I suspect this to be a software glitch with sync that will be updated in the future
  5. Tried the master reset. Didn't work. Will try Apple cable and let you know
  6. Thanks Master reset of the ipod or the lincoln?
  7. Hi That I don't believe I am using a genuine apple cord, although I just tried two others, including an Anker cord and an amazon basics cord. Same deal. They work fine in my other car. The music plays great: I can browse the iPod but I don't see the artist/song n the 8" display or in the dash display. I will take a picture when I have a moment
  8. Hi. First time on this forum I have a 2020 Lincoln nautilus and I plugged in my iPod touch via USB. I can see me my play lists but when playing a song i don't see any of the song/artist data. Rather just a generic play button. No individual song data appears. I tried various cable and various USB ports in the vehicle. No luck If I connect the iPod via Bluetooth, it works great: I see the songs with full data including, name album and artwork. Any ideas how to get it to work properly with USB rather than bluetooth? thanks in advance. E