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    Bezel Diagnostic

    i want to get into the bezel diagnostic just to get the total info for my headunit, to prepare to update today i have a lot of issues, the major one is the Android auto connectivity, when i park in place there is no gps signal, the clock on the unit show 03:00 and not tick every minutes. i cant connect the android phone to android auto until the headunit get gps signal and the clock update automatically. ( its work when i park in gps signal area )
  2. Hello, i have a Ford Focus active x 2020, when i get into bezel diagnostic ( Power + back track ), i only have AHU info. the sync version of the headunit: f1.3.3.1_R19301a how can i get into the other bezel diagnostic setting? i don't have update in the official site, its saft to update to sync 3.4 with the unofficial update? thank you