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  1. Finally, Ford came out with a fix (software upgrade) and the Navigation and voice prompts are working correctly.
  2. I received a message from Sync yesterday. A software update Sync version 3.4 will be in the dealerships within 2 weeks and consumer download in 3 to 4 weeks. I'll let you know if it works. Thanks
  3. Owner.ford.com says I have the latest updates
  4. Sync 3 - Version 3.3 Build 19052_product
  5. Brought the vehicle to Ford on Tuesday. Picked it up last night. The service guy says Ford is familiar with the problem. Ford will be issuing a software update to resolve the voice prompt problem. I was told two to three weeks. I will wait to hear from the Ford dealer. Has anyone seen or heard of an update coming out for this problem. Seems like others are having the same problem. For some reason I don't beleive them. I'll keep you posted.
  6. I went through that last Wednesday. I dropped the truck off and the next day they said it was fixed. I went in and asked what they had done. They said they did a bulletin on my problem. I got into the truck and set home as destination. The first response was garbled. I went back in and told the sheet writer. He went to the service supervisor who came to me and we went outside to the truck. I said let me show you and he tells me I'll bring it back to my technician. I said, don't you want me to show you and he said no. OK, he comes back with the truck 20 minutes later and says we don't see a problem. Now i'm pissed and I tell him get the tech here and I will show him. They send out a IS or computer guy. I get in the truck, start it up, set destination to home and voice prompt is skipping. The guy says "That's a problem". I said yes it is now explain it to your technician, sheet writer and service supervisor. They gave me an appointment for Tuesday. Causeway Ford Service SUCKS.
  7. I have an appointment on Tuesday. I'll keep you posted
  8. I think so also. This has been like this since I purchased the truck. The first time I heard it was when the salesman was loading ford pass when I picked up the truck. I thought it was odd but wasn't sure what he was loading. I also called ford and they walked me through upgrading the software which didn't help.
  9. When I select a destination on my Sync 3 Navigation system and then press start..... The Turn-by-turn voice prompts hesitate, skips or is garbled. I've done a soft boot, hard boot and master reset of the Sync 3 Navigation system. I took it to ford and they did not find the cause of the problem. They are rescheduling for another appointment. Has anyone seen or heard of this problem or maybe a solution. In addition the response time for keying in destinations is very slow. As an example, if I want to key in "Texas", by the time I get to the "S" it still shows the "T" . HELP, I don't have a good feeling Ford will fix without outside help