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  1. I have a 2019 F-150 XLT and when I turn off the truck with the key and get out the radio station that is on does not stay when I turn it back on. Example if I get out of my truck and it is on 98.9 FM and I get back in at whether it's 5 minutes later or 5 days later the radio station will it change to 103.9 for no reason. But, for whatever reason, the station it is on when I turn it off is not the same station when I turn it back on with the key of course. If I turn it off while I am in it with the power button and then turn it back on later, it is the same, but, if I turn off the key and get out and then get back in and no specific amount of time, the radio station will have changed. Has anyone else had this problem and how can I fix it? I have tried doing a master reset but that has not worked. I have software version 3.3 and no navigation.