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  1. Does anyone know the correct Forscan code to add climate to right side dash cluster 2015 Ford Explorer on Sync 3
  2. Upgraded to Sync 3 My problem now is I can not get rear controls and my heated seats on climite screen togeather When I add rear controls it deletes my heated seats when add heated seats it deletes my rear controls Any help would be appreciate
  3. mickrg123

    2015 Exploer Sync 3 climate issue

    2015 Explorer Sync 3 Now I am trying to get climate again on my right side dash cluster, only have Phone, Nav, Entertainment now.
  4. I updated my 2015 Explorer to Sync 3 and have all things working great. I noticed that the climate control on dash cluster is missing Does anyone know how to add it back through Forscan? Thanks
  5. mickrg123

    2015 Exploer Sync 3 climate issue

    I changed codes in APIM (as built) and enabled items in APIM (not as built) Everything now working
  6. mickrg123

    2015 Exploer Sync 3 climate issue

    SOLVED All climate controls on home screen now and working! 2015 Explorer upgraded from Sync 2 to Sync3