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  1. Gentlemen... I recently purchased a 2019 Fusion Titanium Energie Plug-In Hybrid. I'm delighted with this car... but... I'm new to Ford's SYNC system, and I'm still learning about it and its foibles. When I start the car, the SYNC screen goes through its start-up routine, then toggles to the audio or climate settings... then I get a couple of pop-up messages telling me that a "Network Connection Needed" and advising me to "Complete the system updates by connecting to an available Wi-Fi network... bla-bla-bla..." At the end of the pop-up message is a choice "Yes or No" to attempt connecting to a Wi-Fi network. I've tried choosing "Yes" and then typing in my home Wi-Fi name and password where it asks, then the screen goes blank and freezes. I've tried leaving the system alone over night while the car is on charge, hoping that the SYNC system just required some time to process the updates. But the screen stayed blank after about 18 hours. I did a system reset (pressing the >> and radio on-off simultaneously) and the screen un-froze and proceeded to work as I expected. But I got a repeat of the pop-up message the next couple of times I started the car. What does the pop-up message need me to do? I tried inputting the Wi-Fi network and password, but it simply freezes the screen. Thank you for whatever wisdom you folks are able to share! Regards, The Ponyguy
  2. Just now joining SYNCForum to try and get a handle on the SYNC system in my 2019 Fusion Titanium Energie. As of this evening, I had quite a few no-so-kind things to say about the SYNC system... all I wanted to do was turn on the radio... but first I had to FIND the radio... there was Sirius XM, and there was PANDORA, (compliments of my smartphone which was plugged into the charge port)... and there was the CD port... but I never did find the plain, old , ordinary RADIO. I wanted 105.9 FM News and weather on the Eights. And to top it off, the Sirius XM station (#70, I think) suddenly began blasting some ear-jarring racket that was what is allegedly called "music" currently. I had previously set the Sirius station to #59... I don't understand how the station got changed. When I started my evening drive, the steering wheel was comfortably warm... after a couple of stops, the wheel became cold to the touch... sure enough, once I found the tiny icon, the heater was turned off. How did that happen? The SYNC system seems to have a bewildering amount of capacities... the telephone conversations are unbelievably clear, the SONY system sound is stunning through the 12 speakers, but the touchscreen choices ought to be a little (or a LOT) more clear... sometimes the guy driving the car might want to change the radio station while he's driving, and doesn't have a place available to pull off the road and play with the screen.