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  1. i have zip files to update EU maps to F8, if anybody is interested in them, it is over 10 mb, so cant upload them on here, but can e mail them to whoever wants them
  2. wullie mac

    Synce 3 update .ZIP file issues

    hi, did you send over the " Tarball files " in the SYNCMYRIDE to your usb stick, or did you extract every single file from the tarballs files to your usb stick...thanks...
  3. wullie mac


    Hi, looking to upgrade my sync 2 to a sync 3 system for a ford ranger, anybody got any sync3 systems for sale Update....Have now bought a apim from a 2018 wildtrack, but its from an auto truck and i have a manual truck, so, what would i need to do to get the camera to work on the new sync3 apim...Cheers
  4. Hi, thanks for having me. glad to be aboard..