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    APIM, ACM, or DSP Settings

    It is a 2016 Lincoln MKZ with Sync 3. I am aware of how to disable and enable the setting. The point if how do we get full power from the head unit to the factory amp. Currently the only way for maximum volume is to set SVC to High and drive car above 30. If you are parked and turn the radio to Maximum it still is not as loud as a little lower setting and driving.
  2. Is there a way to program the APIM, ACM, or DSP to disregard speed compensated volume? I know you can set the levels from the radio. The issue is the radio plays nice and loud when you are driving at higher speeds. If you turn of SCV then the radio will not play as loud even at the higher speeds. I am trying to get the radio to be able to play full volume without driving the car. In other words we need to be able to fake the audio system to apply full SVC to the sound system at all times.