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  1. Try and leave your phone out in the console. Not in pants, pocket or purse, etc., and see. Mine hasn't  hiccuped once since I tried that and I tried all the updates to phone, car and so forth. Weird that it works fine in truck no matter where phone is, but sure as heck is picky in car. Maybe Sync 3 issue. Truck is Sync 2.


    Good luck.

  2. Solved the problem. Phone does not work well in pants pocket. Placed in console and no hiccups. Bluetooth interference due to phone.
  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7. It pairs fine with Sync 2 (2015 F-250), but will not stay connected, drops and repairs over and over, with 2017 Ford Fusion that has Sync 3. Dealer has checked car, updated software and checked APIM and found no issues. Have deleted cache on phone, deleted and repaired phone and updated phone on Sync with no solution. It seems to work for awhile after these efforts, but soon begins again with the issues. A basic phone, Kyrocera Dura and all phones the dealer tested seem to have no issues. The only really weird thing is that when the radio/cd player on, it seems to work fine. I don't know if that is related or not. Ford support is of no help and Samsung is nearly impossible to reach. Help appreciated.