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  1. Angbobian

    Re FordPass App X Sync 3

    Cant seem to find Turn v off Apple CarPlay in the SYNC 3 settings cant see anything to do with Carplay can find it on phone any help
  2. Angbobian

    Re FordPass App X Sync 3

    Hi bbf2530 Refs 1st part i will try that see what happens but just a quick question on that dont you need Carplay to be running to use your Iphone through Sync3 Refs 2nd part yes i have done all that but when i get to glove box all thats there is Owners Manual Vehicle Details Vehicle Support If i go into Support i get a listing for My Vehicle Health Setup If i go into that it wants me to connect via use then touch Fordpass Icon on Sync3 screen but as i said its not there So maybe i need to turn off Carplay for it to work but im not sure if carplay is supposed to be running or not maybe you can answer that cheers Ian
  3. Angbobian

    Re FordPass App X Sync 3

    Multitask Hi you asked me a question and i replied but i never received any update from you
  4. Angbobian

    Re FordPass App X Sync 3

    No Multitask it does not show but im sure it did with my android phone
  5. Angbobian

    Re FordPass App X Sync 3

    Hi bbf2530 When i open the app I pick my Vehicle there is only one and the choices i get are Owners Manual, Vehicle Details , Vehicle Support (Details just gives me info on My Tourneo and Vin Number Support gives me Video, My Vehicle Health Setup, & Accessories Catalogue if i go into Health Setup it gives you instuctions ie Connect phone via USB "Then Using Your Vehicle Sync Touchscreen" it say Press "The App Icon In The Feature Bar at The Bottom Of Your Touchscreen" all fine so far i can get to this point But then it says Press The FordPass Icon thats the problem there is no Icon on screen hence why i said im sure it used to be there when i used my android phone and also im sure i used to get the health reports on phone as i once sat in my Living room and looked at how much fuel and miles i had coverd there in nothing eles on the ford pass app that takes me to any Health Reports Hope this makes sence
  6. Angbobian

    Re FordPass App X Sync 3

    Do you mean Update FordPass Phone app or Sync3 system Update
  7. Angbobian

    Re FordPass App X Sync 3

    Hi thanks for info do you get the fordpass icon on your Sync3 screen
  8. When i 1st got my Car with sync3 i downloaded FordPass to my andrioid Phone and i seen to remeber that i had Health Alerts where i could see how much fuel i had miles i had driven etc I removed it from my phone as i got myself a Iphone 6 so i could use Waze i downloaded FordPass to my Iphone but login etc as i did with my android but cant find any health Alerts I found a section on app (My Vehicle Health Setup and it say Press The App Icon In The Feature Bar & Then press FordPass Icon there is no icon showing and the phone is connected via USB i seem to remember again it showing on Sync3 Screen before when i had Android conected is it because i changed phone or am i doing something wrong any help please
  9. Well you guys were right i know have volume going up when navigation speaks why it did not work before i have no idea i had tried many times just did not work for some reason it has just stated to work thanks to everyones reply
  10. When waze is speaking and i turn volume the radio goes up so does waze but because of radio you cant hear clearly what is beine said
  11. Find that a daft reply of course i have tried the volume when waze is giving directions
  12. yes all sound is up on phone and as i said if turn down radio ie That is Sync system waze direction sounds and radio go down ie the volume knob unless there is another one i dont know about
  13. Not sure if im in right section for this I have Ford Tourneo Custom 2019 I have problem with either Sync 3 or Waze App that is running via phone when Waze gives directions I cant hear them because I have radio on I can hear sound but its just not loud enough if I turn down radio sound on Waze goes down as well I have turned Waze sound up fully no difference if the radio is not on there is no problem in hearing the direction from Waze same problem if Im playing music via Phone witch is a iPhone 6 please help driving me nuts