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  1. My Uncle brought over a letter from Lincoln telling him he needed to get a new card for is '13 MKX, I found new A10's on ebay for a good deal cheaper ($40 vs $149), so i went ahead and ordered 2, one for him, and one for my newly purchased '13 C-MAX( it's currently running an A4 Card) now reading some of the threads on here, I get worried about it somehow breaking...something on one or both cars....
  2. Forget who the seller was.. but no problems have arisen for either of us. I'm operating under the assumption that they are/were pulled from wrecks. and i will continue to operate under that assumption... I did have an issue with sirius travel link not showing up in the menus.. but apparently I had some how changed the location/country code when i was messing around with Foccus...got it back to america, and BOOM travel link was back. YAY(considering i had already paid for the service)