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  1. If Ford monitors this forum then why don't they answer people questions? If Ford documentation was not so poor on the sync and audio systems we would not be asking questions about things that don't seem to work correctly! Maybe that is the reason questions are not answered by Ford because the systems DO NOT work correctly?
  2. The reason I ask is there are questions asked on this forum about things I'm sure Ford would like to keep a lid on. Like selling cars with audio performance issues.
  3. Very simple, down free version of Media Monkey music manager, load all of your albums into it. Then convert all music into MP3 files, then download on to a micro usb drive, done! I have over 4700 songs of 320 bit audio files that sound great, never had a problem.
  4. I have a 2018 Ford Edge. When the front to back volume control is in the "0" balance position I do not have equal volume for the speakers front and back. Every car I have ever owned the fader at center balance position creates the same volume front and back. Also if I set the control to full front at a given sound volume as I move the control to the back the volume drops right off. I think I have a bad amp.