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  1. 1984Poke

    Sync 3 3.3 Is Out & About

    I think I figured out what was happening. In my profile, the time zone for me was set as Greenwich Mean Time and it should have been U.S. Central Time. I fixed that on 7 Nov 18 about 1130. Apparently it was my screwup in that I did not fix that when setting up my profile. Oops.
  2. 1984Poke

    Sync 3 3.3 Is Out & About

    The time stamp for postings on the forum is waaayyy off. I posted the above query approximately one hour ago, at around 8:00 p.m. Central Time on Tuesday, 30 October, but, for some reason, this web site is indicating that I posted it 1:58 a.m. the next morning (Wednesday morning), which is not the case. Weird.
  3. 1984Poke

    Sync 3 3.3 Is Out & About

    cantaloop, should I infer from what you wrote that you think newly manufactured Ford--and presumably Lincoln--vehicles will get this? I ask because my Lincoln dealer placed an order one week ago today for a 2019 Lincoln MKZ that I ordered. That car is likely to be built sometime in December (maybe January) and I hope this new head unit will be included in my Z.