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  1. Hi DBH. You are very welcome. Yes, if you only signed up for the AT&T hotspot service thinking it would let you use wireless Android Auto, it won't work. Cancel and save the $20 monthly fee. As punch-card mentioned above, you can use a wireless USB dongle to enable wireless Android Auto (and/or Apple CarPlay). There are some drawbacks and issues with some of these, so if you do decide to purchase one, try to do some research and purchase a good quality one. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  2. Hi DBH and welcome to the Ford SYNC Forum. The answer is pretty simple. SYNC 3 does not support wireless Android Auto and/or wireless Apple CarPlay. You must connect via USB cable for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The AT&T hotspot has nothing to do with Android Auto connectivity, and/or Apple CarPlay connectivity. And even if you did not have the AT&T hotspot enabled, you would still be able to connect to your vehicle via the Ford app on your phone. On a somewhat related note, SYNC 4 does support wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. Good luck.
  3. Hi Mercury. Yes, an iPhone 13 works just fine with SYNC 3. I can not answer for SYNC 2/MyFordTouch. Good luck.
  4. Hi Mercury. Yes, an iPhone 13 works just fine with SYNC 3. Not hard to "get it to work properly". Just connect it to the vehicle as you did with your iPhone 7. I can not verify about SYNC/SYNC w/MyFordTouch. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  5. bbf2530

    Display not working

    Hi issac. Sometimes a service appointment is necessary. You have done what you can as far as self-help (SYNC reset/battery disconnect). Better to have it properly diagnosed than throw parts at it. My advice wold be to make a service appointment to have it taken care of. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  6. Hi kdowney. Yes, you have SYNC w/MyFordTouch. It is not "SYNC 3". SYNC 3 is essentially an entirely different system, both in software and hardware. Your options are to try another SD NAV card. Or purchase a new SD NAV card (I think you are correct that A12 is the latest). The Ford NAV update website for SYNC w/MyFordTouch is located here (no pun intended...lol): https://ford.navigation.com/home/en_US/FordNA/USD Another option (more involved and expensive but a far better system) would be to follow some of the online How to's available to replace your SYNC w/MyFordTouch hardware and software with SYNC 3 hardware and software. See here: https://www.google.com/search?q=Ford+Fusion+SYNC+2+to+SYNC+3+modification&client=firefox-b-1-d&biw=1920&bih=994&tbm=vid&ei=BgQwYuzSD-2aptQP4Oe_-AM&ved=0ahUKEwjs7aHLksf2AhVtjYkEHeDzDz8Q4dUDCAw&oq=Ford+Fusion+SYNC+2+to+SYNC+3+modification&gs_lcp=Cg1nd3Mtd2l6LXZpZGVvEAwyBQgAEKIEMgUIABCiBDIFCAAQogQyBQgAEKIEOgQIIRAKUJkHWM0TYNUjaABwAHgAgAFkiAGMB5IBBDEyLjGYAQCgAQHAAQE&sclient=gws-wiz-video Keep in mind that if you have an extended warranty that covers SYNC and other electronics in your 2016 Fusion (i.e. a FordProtect ESP etc.), upgrading your vehicle hardware and software to SYNC 3 will lead to loss of warranty coverage for the SYNC and any related systems. If you do not want to upgrade your entire system to SYNC 3, it would also be a good idea to see if there are any updates to your SYNC w/MyFordTouch system, as Multitask mentioned previously. See here: https://help.ford.com/update-sync/ Keep us updated and good luck.
  7. Hi kdowney. We seem to have a bit of confusion here as to which SYNC version you actually have. Use this website to determine what you have and get back to us: https://www.ford.com/support/how-tos/sync/getting-started-with-sync/what-sync-version-do-i-have/ As far as the SD card: If you trust the Amazon website and they accept returns if it does not work, buy it on Amazon. If not, buy it from HERE/Ford. Good luck.
  8. Hi kdowney and welcome to the Ford SYNC Forum. My opinion: According to the information you have provided, it seems the card has become corrupted. However, there is no reliable way to diagnose and determine that over the Internet. Your best course of action would probably be to borrow a NAV card, if possible, in order to test that theory. If you can not find one to borrow, then yes, purchase a new card and hope for the best. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  9. bbf2530

    Lincoln Sync page not working

    Hi Multitask. I just tried it your way. I wind up at the same site I linked to, and it worked for me again. Try using my link, if you haven't already. If that does not work then perhaps contact Lincoln Concierge. Let us know how you make out and good luck. Good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    Lincoln Sync page not working

    Hi Multitask. I just tried and it worked correctly. Is this the website address you are using? https://help.lincoln.com/update-sync/ Good luck.
  11. As alcohenusa advised, download the latest SYNC version for your vehicle from the Ford SYNC 3 Update Website and install it in your Escape via USB flash drive. Let us know the outcome once you have done that. Keep us updated and good luck.
  12. Hi KCW. You are very welcome and congratulations on the successful update! There is no accurate way to estimate how long a WiFi update will take, or if your parents vehicles will even update via WiFi at all. Too many variables, including WiFi network speed, strength of signal where the vehicle is parked, how long the vehicle is parked within the network signal area etc. etc. Just like with your Edge, the best way to approach this would be to perform the SYNC update via computer download from the Ford or Lincoln SYNC 3 update websites, then install via USB flash drive. And again: If you are going to try and scan again for a WiFi update to get that date corrected, be sure your Edge is connected to a WiFi strong network signal. If you have not already done so, you must go into the SYNC settings of your Edge and physically connect your vehicle to your home (or another) WiFi network, enter the password etc. And be sure you are parked close enough to the WiFi router to get a strong signal. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  13. HI KCW. A lot to digest there. If your vehicle shows v3.0.20204 as your current SYNC version, then you successfully updated. SYNC 3 and SYNC 3 NAV maps are two entirely different downloads and updates. Therefore, I am assuming the loading/downloading maps message was simply the old maps version being transferred over to the new SYNC 3 files. What NAV maps version is listed in your SYNC settings? Yes, you can go through the installation process again to try and get the XML file. As I stated to begin this reply, there was lot to digest there. So realizing we are not there to watch what happened, just be patient. Do not try to connect/disconnect things, soft reset etc. etc. while the update is ongoing or shortly after. If you are performing the update with the vehicle sitting in your driveway and engine running, do not keep opening and closing the doors etc. etc. All those extraneous actions can overload the system. Keep us updated and good luck.
  14. Hi KCW. Probably too late to inform you now, but a long drive is usually a better choice (in my opinion), in order to avoid engine shutdowns during the update process. Definitely let us know how you make out, and good luck.
  15. Hi KCW. And yes, you are correct that updating your SYNC 3 software to the latest version is the smart thing to do. SYNC updates also are designed to solve compatibility issues with newer iOS and Droid software. Therefore, it may help with your 4G phone issues. Either way, installing the latest SYNC 3 software is the smart thing to do. Again, keep us updated and good luck.