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  1. Hi Graham. Assuming all necessary settings are enabled in your Drivers Information Center, your best course of action is to set up a service appointment so the issue can be properly diagnosed and corrected. There are no other owner configurable or adjustable settings. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  2. bbf2530

    Temperature control broken?

    Hi dd. This is the SYNC 3 section, and your Taurus has SYNC 1, SYNC 2 or MyFordTouch. While this thread may be seen by those familiar with SYNC1/SYNC 2/MyFordTouch, it may be better if you post it lower down in the appropriate SYNC 1/SYNC 2/MyFordTouch sub-forum. Good luck.
  3. Hi alcohenusa. I thought I was on the Ford Fusion Forum when I answered this question. One of the drawbacks of being involved in so many forums and brain clouds. 😉 That was why I stated SYNC 3 was not available on the Fusion until the 2017 model year. And I was specifically referring only to the Fusion. This is also a good example of why it always helps when a member posts their vehicle model/model year when asking questions. But you are correct that SYNC 3 was available in the 2016 model year on some Ford/Lincoln models. Thanks for catching that and good luck.
  4. Hi nrupert. Multitask hit the nail on the head. The 2016 Fusion was not equipped with SYNC 3 from the factory. The 2016 models were equipped with either SYNC w/MyFord (base models), or SYNC w/MyFord Touch (higher end models). SYNC 3 was not available in the Fusion until the 2017 model year. So if your Fusion has SYNC 3 now, it means a previous owner installed it. Therefore, it is not eligible to download updates from the SYNC 3 update website. You will need someone to supply files to you (as you are trying for), or find another aftermarket solution. Good luck.
  5. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi Muzicman. No. As BL stated, there is a license file tied to the individual vehicle VIN, which is necessary for the installation. You would not have that license file for your 2017 Fusion, so the installation would fail. Good luck.
  6. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi Muzicman. No. And they were not different before, other than version different numbers, in order to denote SYNC version. Previously, the NAV map version numbers varied by the middle digit (i.e. NA 1 19 for SYNC 3.0, vs. NA 2 19 for SYNC 3.4). The middle digit only denoted SYNC 3.0 or SYNC 3.4. However, the actual information contained on the maps was the same. Now, the NAV map version numbers are the same. It only means the versions were consolidated. All road/POI etc.information was and still is identical. Good luck.
  7. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi alcohenusa. Well, that is certainly a twisty new twist. 😲 I am still trying to decide if I will just skip a year, then get the 5 year subscription when NA 1 or 2 21 come out next year...or get it now. Thanks for the info and good luck.
  8. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi alcohenusa. Thanks for the information, I am passing it on to others in the MKZ/Fusion/SYNC/Lincoln/Ford forums. Good luck.
  9. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi alcohenusa. Just saw that same complaint by a member on a Fusion forum who downloaded the update. Looks like a similar issue as the license file fiasco you referred to. I'll post back and let you know if there is any update over there. Let us know if you hear back on your email and good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi alcohenusa. Yes, I also just saw that they corrected the website and was coming back to mention it. Good luck.
  11. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi alcohenusa. Yes, for SYNC 3.0, the "current" version is NA 1 19. The update being offered is NA 1 20. And I am in the same boat as you. First two updates were free (to NA 1 18 and NA 1 19. Now I would need to pay. For SYNC 3.4, the current version is/was NA 2 19. The update version available is NA 2 20. Good luck.
  12. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi Muzicman. So was I. Plus, I added the Ford SYNC 3 NAV map update website. Good luck.
  13. bbf2530

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Hi Muzicman. Yes, as the subject title stated, it is the 2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update. No mention was made of it being "vehicle dependent". I own Lincolns, so linked to the Lincoln SYNC 3 NAV map update website. Ford vehicles have a separate Ford SYNC 3 NAV map update website, located here: https://syncnavigation.com/ford/ Good luck.
  14. Hi Papa. Considering your previous and new information, my first thought is that it is a ZTE compatibility issue. Second guess is going to be a CyanLabs issue/glitch. Or even possibly both. Blind Internet diagnosis, even without several variables, has its limits. 😉 Keep us updated on what you find and good luck.
  15. Hi Papa. You have two possible issues that jump out. First...Yes, SYNC 3 does have a compatible device list, and perhaps your ZTE phone is not on it (very possible). You can find the list on the Lincoln or Ford owner sites in the SYNC sections. Second, you have used CyanLabs aftermarket software to update your SYNC system, and it is known to have "little" bugs here and there. What model/model year is your vehicle? Why are you using the CyanLabs software? Was your vehicle not equipped with SYNC 3.4 from the factory? Your best bet would be to contact CyanLabs to see if this is a know issue that they have a solution to. Good luck.