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  1. Hey guys. I got a 2019 Sync 3 APIM from an F-150 with NAV and installed it in my 2016 Ford Focus Titanium. Now it works for the most part, but it does not save the time correctly. I go in and manually put the time in and after 5 seconds it returns to the time it said and does not save it. So for example, i hook up my battery after it was disconnected for 15 minutes, the time starts at 12:00 AM. So i leave the battery hooked up for 15 minutes. Now the time on the top of the screen says 12:15 AM. Now i go into settings, then clock and change the time to say 1:30 and change the AM to PM and 5 seconds after, it goes back to 12:16 AM. That's one issue then if i go into the radio, and go to lets say 91.1 and press the first save button to save it on the number one far left of the preset buttons, it beeps and a message appears in the top of the screen saying preset saved, but it does not save the station in that spot/button. Now if i tap on any of the other buttons to change the preset stations, it does not change the station and a message says preset saved on the top of the screen. Now i can put my 2018 APIM back in the car and everything works great like it's supposed to. So does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening? Has anyone installed a 2019-2020 APIM with 3.3 in an earlier car that had 3.0 and it work fine? Let me know. i have a video of what's happening if you guys want to see it, send me your email address and i'll email it to you so you can see hands on what's going on. Thanks
  2. EmoJim

    Sync 3 3.3 Is Out & About

    Very good info, So i guess i'll have to sell my 2017 Sync 3 unit, and buy me a 2019 unit with 3.3. :-D
  3. So, i went by my local Ford Stealer today and checked out the Sync 3 that was in a 2019 Ford Fusion. WOW !!! :-o I really like the newish look with it. Not only does it look good but you have a map update in it for 2017 version maps. I checked around online and nothing is available to the public for it as of yet. But lets all keep an eye out and when someone sees it out and available to download, let us know here on this thread. Also check pirate bay. Maybe someone was able to get an update on it.