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  1. diesel97

    Sync screen needs brightness UP to dim??!?

    Having the same issue and to add to this if you turn your light off at night while parked the screen will burn your eyes out. The display brightness does not adjust it at all it is at full bright. Any fix after all these months? reset sync mannnnny time and nothing has changed
  2. diesel97

    Unofficial Update - v3.0.19119

    you can DL maps for offline if you have a trip planned
  3. I'm on AA and just leave the light switch on auto and when it changes to dark just push your dimmer button either way.
  4. IF you just push your dimmer switch next to your headlight switch it will go into night mode. Just one click either up or down seems to work for me
  5. check your settings in the Andriod auto app, there is a force Bluetooth on settings