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  1. There is an NA 1 16 update available for the 2016 Edge. It was released around April and I bought it for my car around that time. The NA 1 14 map that came with the car had an issue where it would not route over toll roads and the NA 1 16 version fixed that. It also had roads in my area there were new as of around 2015. I don't remember exactly what I paid, but I think it was around $200 CAD. The dealer will need the SYNC serial number (ESN) and your VIN to be able to order the map update. The ESN is encoded into a license file that is on the USB drive that the maps are on. The dealer I ordered it from didn't know about it when I first asked about it, but the parts guy was awesome at tracking it down. The update took about 30 minutes. I waited until I had a longer drive to do the update rather than just running the car while parked.
  2. There is a license file that's placed on the USB drive with the map update that has the ESN (serial number) of the Sync3 system the update was purchased for. If you try to install the update in a different vehicle, the ESN won't match the license file and it won't update. The license file is signed with a digital certificate from "Ford Motor Company Internal SyncGen3 Issuing CA". I agree that $150 USD is too much for a map update, but that's not unique to Ford. A lot of car manufacturers look at map updates as a cash cow. I'm not saying that makes it right, but if you want free map updates, buy a Garmin/Tom Tom GPS or use Android Auto or Apple Car Play.
  3. Did your phone get an update? Spotify over Bluetooth stopped working for me when my phone updated to Android 8.0 (Oreo).
  4. Quila

    Sygic Navigation on Sync 3 V3.0

    I tried Sygic about a month ago, before the newer Sync 3 maps were released. I had to pay for the full version because I had tried it when I first heard about it but found out during that trial that it didn't actually work with Ford Sync 3 yet so the trial expired before I actually got to try it. I wasted my money. The maps looked terrible and the navigation was even worse, It told me to make a hard left turn onto a street that passed under the overpass I was on and then kept trying to tell me to make a left turn into alleys or on to streets where left turns were either not allowed or just not practical (ie turning left onto a side street that would then require a left turn onto a busy street where there was no traffic light). Fortunately I knew the route I needed to take but I quickly realized I would not want to depend on these maps in an unfamiliar area. I've got a lifetime license now, so maybe I'll give them another shot in a year or two if they update their map interface.
  5. Closer to $250 CAD for me, but worth it since navigation now works in my area.
  6. These are the files that were in the SyncMyRide directory on the USB stick I bought: 2017-09-29 10:05 AM 26,897 HB5T-14G386-TAB.tar.gz 2017-09-29 10:15 AM 848,463,374 JL7T-14G423-CA.tar.gz 2017-09-29 11:53 AM 8,665,937,837 JR3T-14G421-CB.tar.gz 2017-09-29 10:44 AM 2,390,528,284 JR3T-14G422-CD.tar.gz 2018-04-09 12:58 PM 1,755 JR3T-14G424-CB.TAR.GZ The last file is the license file that contains your ESN number. It's a 16 GB USB stick.
  7. Same experience for me. I didn't realize NA 1 14 didn't work for any toll road, but it definitely did not want to route across the one toll bridge I use around here semi-regularly. The NA 1 16 update, while still a couple years old, now works as expected and will now give me the fastest route.