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  1. I think you misunderstood the issue. No one is trying to navigate to the door of an apartment. Contact addresses in Android or Apple store the street address of the building and the apartment number, as they should. The nav system should ignore the apartment number when you choose to navigate to that contact and get you to the building. You should not have to rearrange all your contact information to overcome a limitation of the nav system. That's just poor system design.
  2. I've synchronized my contacts from my Android phone to my new 2017 Fusion. When I view the contacts, I can choose to navigate to the address on the contact entry. This works well for most contacts, but if there is an apartment number as part of the address, sync 3 tells me it cannot find the address. I can't even edit the address and save it in sync. I've removed the apartment number in my contacts and it will then find the address. Is there a way to format the address with the apartment number so it will work? Removing apartment numbers from all my contacts really is not an option. BTW, I've found this to be an easy way to transfer POIs to the nav system.