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  1. Try and leave your phone out in the console. Not in pants, pocket or purse, etc., and see. Mine hasn't  hiccuped once since I tried that and I tried all the updates to phone, car and so forth. Weird that it works fine in truck no matter where phone is, but sure as heck is picky in car. Maybe Sync 3 issue. Truck is Sync 2.


    Good luck.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and have the same problem. It pairs, then drops, then pairs, then drops, about every 5 minutes. My wife's S8 pairs up and stays paired. I tried deleting the S9 pairing to Sync3, and it worked better for a while. Now, its doing it again. 2016 Edge with the latest version of Sync 3 that can be installed on our version of hardware. We have had it in to our dealer, the PIM has been replaced for other reasons a couple years ago. Recent attempt, the dealer replaced the screen in the dash. Not sure if that fixed anything we were seeing. My S9 works perfectly with MFT in my 2015 F250 truck.
  3. tjeeper46

    SYNC 3 APIM issues

    Last 2 days, we are seeing APIM symptoms again. When we start the car, the music has defaulted to AM radio and climate came on with temp at max and fan at max. If this follows the trend of the last failure, we will have a dead APIM in a few days. We keep our car garaged, it is not sitting out in temperature extremes. Anyway, hoping these symptoms were a glitch and we wont be in for another APIM is less than 3 months.
  4. tjeeper46

    SYNC 3 APIM issues

    We have a Sync 3 system in a 2016 Edge. From day 1, Sync 3 would not reliably play music from our Apple Ipod Classic players. The very same players worked flawlessly in our Sync 2 system in our 2015 F250 truck. After going round and round with my dealer and Ford, I finally gave up on using the Classic player and copied all our music to a thumb drive. The thumb drive has worked much better, almost 100% reliable. And since, I set up a 2nd thumb drive for the truck. Now, both of my Apple Ipods are free to use as mobile devices and the autos have reliable music. This past April, our APIM failed. The failure symptoms were pretty much the same as written above by the original poster. A lot of the car functionality was not functional (phone, climate, nav, music), so the car was barely usable. Our dealer diagnosed it as a failed APIM and ordered a new APIM. Took a week. The new APIM has been working reliably, and even has some minor new features that we did not have before. A few bugs we saw appear to be fixed and I think the maps are updated as well. The replacement was covered by the extended warranty I bought, otherwise it would have been out of warranty. The money saved on the APIM paid for the cost of the extended warranty.
  5. We are getting consistent radio/audio on the next start, with rev 2.2 and rev 3.0. We don't use remote start often, but I do not remember it changing the radio settings. Most of the time, we are listening to music from a USB thumb drive. Occasionally AM radio. Rarely FM, never XM. It has been consistent, until the Apim failed. A few weeks ago, our Apim started going south, and then it was random. After a few days, almost everything in the center console failed... audio, nav, and climate controls. Our dealer replaced the apim and all is working again. Took them a week to get a new apim to do the fix, and during that time, the center console was all over the place.
  6. I upgraded our 2017 Edge successfully yesterday from 2.2 to 3.0. In addition to the things mentioned above, Sync now properly displays the volume label of the USB thumb drive we are using for music. Previously, 2.2 displayed some long random looking string of letters and numbers (probably the serial number of the thumb drive). Now, it displays ViPod - the volume label I assigned to the thumb drive (our Virtual iPod). We have a 2015 truck which is MFT (old sync). In the truck, we used our iPod classic to source music. Works perfectly in the truck with MFT. However, Sync 3 and iPod classic have never played together nicely. After a long hassle with Ford and my dealer, I put all the music on a thumb drive and have been a happy customer since. Then, did the same with the truck. Our old classics are back to being portable devices instead of car music.
  7. tjeeper46

    Sync 3 USB flash drive media player

    We are using a 128GB USB stick in each of our Ford vehicles, and the music plays without delays or skips. Our truck is Sync 2, our Ford Edge is Sync 3, upgraded to rev 2.2. The USB sticks have the same music, using the directory structure created by iTunes on my Windows 7 computer. We formerly used iPod Classic players to source music. The Classics worked perfectly in out Sync 2 truck, but did not work reliably in the Sync 3 car. Updating to rev 2.2 did not improve the reliability of the Classic players. We have 2 Classic players, both worked perfectly in the Sync 2 truck, both fail often in the Sync 3 car. So, we retired the Classic players from auto music play and now use 128GB USB flash drives. One is a USB 3, one is USB 2, both work in both vehicles. In my experience, the best method is to replicate the directory structure created by iTunes on the USB drive. To get playlists to work, I exported my playlists from iTunes. Then, I used MS Wordpad to edit the directory paths on all songs in the playlist to match the USB drive. I don't remember the exact details, but this is all documented in another thread on this forum. Our music collection is large, 12K tracks. It takes about 20-30 minutes to index, but once the index is done, we have had reliable music play on both vehicles.
  8. I cannot say if rev 2.2 fixes your nav problem, but I can say that I installed rev 2.2 on my Edge and it works. There are hundreds of owners out there who have downloaded the rev2.2 update and installed it on just about every model of Ford and Lincoln. The F150 forum is the most active forum on the subject, where there are many posts by owners of Mustang, Fusion, Edge, and trucks. I think there was mention of this traffic issue in the monster long rev2.2 update thread, but I did not pay attention since we rarely have occasion to use the traffic features where we live.
  9. Can the system connect to 2 bluetooth devices at the same time? I know it will not connect to 2 phones, it wants to be connected to either one or the other but not both. You might first turn off your phone BT, then try pairing the iPod. If it pairs, then I would wager the phone will not pair until BT is shut down on the iPod.
  10. We did not get a refund for our Sync 3 system. We got compensation in the form of an extended service agreement. We are not really satisfied by this olive branch, but what can we do? I have seen several bugs in the system, in the Nav, Phone, and music. All have been reported. None were fixed in the latest Sync 3 release. As for the issue of denial, I have never had anyone acknowledge the music player issue exists. Our ford service tech claims he has never seen our iPod players fail. Yet, we see a failure before we get home after they had the car for 2 days.
  11. I have had an open case for nearly 10 months. Our USB Ipod Classics (we have 2) both work perfectly on our Sync 2 F250, and do not work with any reliability on our Sync 3 Edge. The car has been into service for this issue multiple times in 2016, at which time we have given up. I upgraded to rev 2.2, no improvement. Both of the Classics work perfectly in our sony equipped jeeps. I asked that our issues be escalated to Ford Sync management, a case was opened, and over time, the Ford case reps offered compensation since they could not promise a solution. Recently, I copied our music library (12K tracks) to USB thumb drives. Both thumb drives work in both Sync 2 and Sync 3, with just occasional anomolies. I don't post this trying to take the pressure off Ford to fix the buggy Sync 3 USB interface. I do offer this as a work around while you wait. Please post how this goes for you.
  12. While it is true, the iPod classic is no longer being manufactured by apple, there are millions of these players in active use. Imho, it is too easy to cast blame on Apple, rather than just debug and fix the sync3 bugs. Classics work with MFT and other car brand players, including the after market Sony player I have in my Jeep. It is not rocket science, it needs someone at Ford or Sony to make it a priority.
  13. We struggled with all these same problems, with both iPod classics we own. Both work very well in our truck with MFT, both fail in these same ways in our Sync 3 Edge. We have had the Edge in for service for this issue numerous times over 7 months of the past year. I also have tested our iPods with the new rev 2.2 release. Same problems. There are other threads and many other owners with the same. What we have done is transfer all our music to a usb thumb drive (11000+ tracks). There is a thread here on how to export and modify playlists to make them work. So far, we are getting reliable operation from the usb thumb drive, on the Sync 3 Edge, and in our MFT truck, including voice control. And, it frees up our classics for portable use.
  14. If you organize the folders similar to the way that iTunes does on a PC, then sync3 will index all your music on your thumb drive. Then you can play artists, albums, genres, etc. Playlists too, but those may need to be edited to correct the folder paths. There is a thread with the details.
  15. tjeeper46

    AIFF format

    Based on my observation that Ford has not fixed basic operation bugs in the last 9 months, I doubt that support of a lossless audio format will be a priority. Think about it, why is a lossless audio format important in a car, where rather average amp and speaker systems are playing on top of road and engine noise? Help me understand.