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  1. Is there a known issue with Sync 3 having problems with its navigational system? I am getting repeated Navigational Fault issues on the Touch Screen of my 2016 Edge Titanium. I have been to the dealership and after a two hour diagnostic check of the computer system, they had no answer to what was causing it. The recommendation I got was to disconnect my battery for 10 minutes if it happened again. This is unacceptable. Another strange occurrence is the volume on the audio system will skyrocket upward, on its own, and you cannot adjust downward. You have to turn the audio off.
  2. hhwpbw

    Sync 3 Navigational Fault

    Thanks punch-card for the link. It appears that there is an issue in the Sync 3 and Navigation....hope Ford will be more responsive than Lincoln. Haven't even had the car 2 months.