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  1. Multitask

    Map Update Error

    Yup, that could be too.... missing the voice file.... My maps took about an hour going from 1-18 to 1-19
  2. Multitask

    Map Update Error

    As I'm re reading this ... I posted something to your post about that problem.... could also be a missing file (voice) , maybe re-download the file and unpack it see if there is a missing file... you could try listing them here... I found that if I unpack each file they reveal what they are for.... (then I delete the new folder cuz it's not needed)
  3. What does it do/not do when attempting to use the Voice Commands? Did you look to see if there is an OS update? 3.0 or 3.4 ? did you get it from the Ford/Lincoln site? or 3rd party?
  4. Cool.... if it wasn't for the fire, I would have tested my 6th gen.... Good to know for future people.... 😎
  5. Multitask

    SYNC3 v3.4.20136 Usb Issue

    That is something that I would think only a Dealer can check for. Was the port replaced, or the APIM that they plug into? Intermittent in what way? Sometimes bluetooth reconnects intermittently... not the phone or the cars fault, because it happens with the last 3 vehicles - 3 phones I've had. Oh... and how did you get to 3.4 ?
  6. Not knowing what that is, I can only assume it's going to get a Modem replacement
  7. Could be... just not new enough.... I don't think there is a list of what 'works' with Sync 3 3.0 or 3.3/3.4
  8. I don't know... and you would have 3.3 or 3.4 I can see if my old touch (think it's 6th gen) works in my MKZ
  9. Ok, worth seeing if it can go higher in the IOS ... I just looked, 9.3.5 is the last update for it.
  10. That is always a possibility... I have a 7th gen Touch and it works flawlessly it's on ios 13 I think yours can only go to ios 11, so that might be a possibility too... I'm going to assume you do not have the white one that came with your Touch? I'm also thinking that it's not the thunderbolt (meaning 64bit) but the wide connector (32bit) so then it might be time to get a new ipod touch (if that it true)
  11. Try it with the one that came with it... from Apple... see if it makes any difference. Sometimes the data lines are not all the same. If it does not help... maybe a Master Reset will help. I know it's new, but the master reset , resets all the settings... so you might have to set some features back up, like backgrounds...etc...
  12. I take it that you have used the cord from Apple, not a 3rd party one.... and when you say you don't see the artist/song, you don't see them in the 8" display, or in the dash display? is it playing at that time?
  13. A 2014 vehicle will not report in to Ford anymore.... as you know 3G is dead. so the modem will be too (not literally just won't connect anymore) Maybe Ford will update you to a 4G modem? (5G might be out, but it's years before it's normally around) To answer your question, yes they probably did abandon you....
  14. Multitask

    SYNC 3 Update

    3.0 has a different format than 3.4, so no you can not update it with the same file, or at all at this time. Unless Ford puts out a 3.0 to 3.4 update that does just that. can't rule that out, but I doubt it
  15. Multitask

    Sync 3 Bench Test

    Not sure if your answer is here... http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=12063 Might get better results here... They are more technical there... 😎
  16. Multitask

    Sync 3, No update for me above 3.0?

    This has been talked about on here several times... The direct answer is no. 3.0 is as high as Ford will allow (currently) There are ways to move it to 3.3 or 3.4 but it will void any warranty you have left (and you can NOT go back). And the process can 'brick' your unit. Not to mention that you would then have to update it with the same method used to get it to the place you are at... as Fords site will not update you.
  17. Multitask

    2016 Ford Edge Nav Question

    You should have to know what hardware/wiring/buttons that is in the old one to move to the new one.... then know how to make the new car know it's there. Could be done if you want to take the time (I'm talking days not hours) and maybe even spend the money needed
  18. From what I have seen/read (never had 3.3), there is a difference.... faster, layout is almost the same, some things added, some taken away... I know I like it over 3.0
  19. Multitask

    theme change....

    To answer the last question, No. Themes only happens with Sync 2 (lots of custom ones), and Sync 3.4 (4 that Ford picked for you (8 if you include the day/night))
  20. Not sure what you mean... are you talking about the WiFi updates? If so, that is known not to work very well. Sync 2 has been long since abandoned, Sync 3 is not too far behind once Sync 4 comes out (later this year, or 2021) 3.10 is the last major update that Sync 2 had....
  21. The site is still borked (yes a technical term, heheh) It thinks I'm up to date with 19274. when I am really at 20136 and I got it from the ford/lincoln web site. I even just sent in the .xml file that the install created and still I get that error. Maybe it'll take time to update, so I will try looking again later tonight or tomorrow.
  22. I've done the update to my 2018 (when I had it), did not have any issues... but that is not to say you will not. So if you are not comfortable, don't do it. There is a possibility you will make it a brick. and I'm sure you would hate that. As far as the maps, I believe the cut off was 2018 for the maps to be free. There is a fee if you want 1-19 and are less than 2018 (or what ever the cut off is) Is it worth it? Only if you are in a place that has missing info. But remember 1-19 is still about 1-2 years behind in updates.... it was compiled with info from the beginning of 2019 Instructions are that you download the file(s) from the ford/lincoln web site (any other 3rd party site does not count here), unpack it into the 2 files and one folder and put that on a flash drive that was formatted with exFat (its possible that Fat32 might work, but you are better off with exFat) put the drive into the USB slot, and sit back with engine running for about an hour (it should give you a prompt to remove the USB device) ... it will reboot more than once, so wait for the prompt to remove. The site has the information on exactly all this information in detail.
  23. Therefore, no matter how you try to "semantically" weasel out of this one, the installation can not be accomplished with the ignition simply turned on. I never said that. So if Fords information is so perfect, why do those people that follow the Exact Rules fail? I did the edit to see if you would try to copy paste and use it to 'belittle' me. Wait for it... here it comes.... WHATEVER!!! As far as the other user coming back, not an excuse, just pointing out that they did come back. PS - I very rarely see anyone come back and say that your advice was very useful... I don't normally look for it, so I could have missed it. PPS - I was just following your example
  24. Hmm... So where did I clearly say to 'not run the engine' ? "by telling them it can be done without the engine running the entire time" never said that. I see 'The engine should be on during it, so that the battery is kept charged" is what I posted. I even specified the why. (here in italics) Here is dictionary.com 's information on 'should' simple past tense of shall. (used to express condition):Were he to arrive, I should be pleased. must; ought (used to indicate duty, propriety, or expediency):You should not do that. would (used to make a statement less direct or blunt):I should think you would apologize. You are not being very 'helpful' when all you do is make fun of things.... And yes, my statement to that person was not taken very well, and his comment was not needed either.... and I did explain that my humor is not for everyone... but I also am just a user here, and not a moderator, so I do not have to be as 'PC' as you. And I looked... he did come back after, just didn't post.