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  1. I've done to see if there is a new version waiting, seems that it is not working correctly. This is what I've gotten for almost a week now. Oops! Something went wrong on our end. A message has been sent to our support team, please try again later.
  2. Things you need to do, regardless delete the phone entry on the car and on the phone. as if you were starting fresh. Also, a master reset will just delete settings, I understand it might also delete some things you don't want it to. But if it is important to get the phone working, then you need to do that. If all that does not work, maybe a trip to the dealer is needed.... Also make sure you are up to date on the updates for each, car and phone(s)
  3. Multitask

    New maps coming Sep 2022

    I would do the 3.4 update first, then the maps... just in case the maps want something from the newer version of 3.4 Otherwise it should not matter.
  4. I did the update for 3.4, and then updated the maps.... so yes
  5. Multitask

    Sync 3 Backup Camera White Guide Lines

    Neither, it is done through the APIM I think, and it would depend oh what one you go.... so not software to update (that I'm aware of ) and no camera to update
  6. Multitask

    What does the APIM do?

    In a short answer, the APIM is what controls just about everything. so yes it would be good to leave it in there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Sync#System_hardware
  7. Multitask


    Might want to explain your post.... if there is a question...etc... have you taken your vehicle to the dealer for them to 'look' at it?
  8. Multitask

    Sync 1 4.4 or 4.6 Upgrade?

    If I remember correctly. If there is an update for it, it was done through a CD that was inserted. I would not do the update. you gain nothing.
  9. Glad it all worked out.... sometimes they don't do much of anything but wash it. While that was not a bad idea, if all you wanted to do it purge the entries, you could have just deleted them. 😎
  10. Multitask

    Updates - why?

    Typically when they do, it's about 2 times a year.... either Ford of Lincoln.... or so I've noticed.... and updates only happen to vehicles that need them, so not all vehicles get them...
  11. Multitask

    Sync 3 verson

    depends on what vehicle this is for.... owner.ford.com or owner.lincoln.com will tell you if you can use / take a newer version.... 3.0 or 3.4 and the sub versions.... Sync 4 comes with the newer vehicles... but not all of them...
  12. Never does, that is separate
  13. Multitask

    Sync versions

    As far as the version, you should be able to navigate to the 'about' area, and see if you see 'about sync' to get a version # I seem to remember that 4.4 is about the latest you want to do or get, like Alcoa said 4.6 put in settings that they did not want. and were at the time able to roll back.
  14. Multitask

    Sync versions

    Just because Ford shows ver 4 is available, does not mean your vehicle can use/take it. Have you tried a factory reset? all that does is remove all the setting back to factory, NOT take you back to the factory version.
  15. Tell your phone to not auto connect.
  16. I do not think it was either. Only way to know is after doing both, then plugging it in, if it is there, great. But if not then it was not meant to be. Plus a dealer would know too... if they chose to tell you. Of they say yes, couple be you need the newer USB module for it.... can get one from a later car... car-part.com to see what might work.
  17. FAT32 or exFAT will work, if you format with a mac make sure you are using MBR
  18. Multitask

    Sync 2 Dead in the water

    FAT32 would be if the drive is 16 or less... (if I remember right) exfat is for the larger sizes... Make sure you are getting the file from owner.ford.com If the file(s) you go from the ford web site tell you there is not enough space... I'm not sure it's the right file.... 3.11 is the newest version (again if memory serves right)
  19. Multitask

    Sync 2 Dead in the water

    Ok, great. if I remember right, the USB on your vehicle is USB 2, and a 3 will work just slower. Allow for about an hour, provided it works. If anything go for a long drive. 😎
  20. Multitask

    Sync 2 Dead in the water

    Just to jump n here... So as to make sure you did the correct things... So you downloaded the file from the ford web site. On to your computer!!! Took a USB thumb drive something larger (or about) a 32gig... formated it as exFAT and MBR from there (or before) you unpacked the files from the file you got, and it shows up as 2 files and a folder with files in it? (has been mentioned about name etc here many times..) Copy said folder/files to your empty thumb drive, once done you put the thumb drive in your vehicle. It said it detected it and started the update ? it will reboot about 2-4 times depending on what it needs to do. Once it is done it will tell you it is done.
  21. Things to check for, and I've seen others like this, make sure the cable is a Samsung authorized one, only because generic brands tend to not connect all the lines... Also, what version of the Samsung OS are you on? Try updating it , also what version of Sync 3, same goes there for updates...
  22. DId my 2020 MHZ-H, and took a long drive... yup took about 20-30 minutes....
  23. Multitask

    New maps coming Sep 2022

    moving the files to a flash drive now... says it'll take about 2 hours.... might update them tomorrow... I also use the Google Maps for most things... maps built in for when I'm not in a place to get a data signal for google maps...
  24. Multitask

    New maps coming Sep 2022

    I have mine.... will update them soon...
  25. The radio is not in the APIM, so you would keep what you have. car-parts.com is a good place to start for replacements. Also, what is the reason you want to replace it.... details....