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  1. The ATT Wireless is for you to use to connect any other device to Wireless, provided you have an ATT signal.... moot if you do not... So technically you should use it to update your phones OS... but sadly it does not work internally for Sync 3 updates... etc....
  2. Multitask

    UBS Skipping & Bad Media

    There can still be a DRM on them, even if you get them from a 'legal' site.... The ones that play just fine, I suppose you got them legitimately, and or ripped them your self?
  3. Multitask

    UBS Skipping & Bad Media

    By chance are any of the mp3's protected.... i.e. purchased.... if so then that is why they were passed on (skipped)
  4. Multitask

    Sync won't default to bluetooth

    2012 does not have Sync 3.... at best it would be Sync (the 1st one)
  5. While yes people can use google to translate, this is an english web site.
  6. already has been talked about , do a search.
  7. Multitask

    File Not Found

    For Sync 2, the flash drive (thumb drive) should be USB 2 (3 might works but I doubt it). It should be formated as FAT 32, or FATex, Also, if on a Mac, make sure it was formated with MBR on There should be 2-3 files, (one will be 0 size) and a folder with files in it, and nothing else.
  8. Well,,, again, Sync 2, it is hard to say.... I see ones that work, others complain. Sync3 does not seems to have any issues that I'm aware of....
  9. MIght want to define what you mean as 'work' Yes the 13 will sync to Sync 3 (unsure about 2, only because bluetooth can be picky), from there it will depend on what features you would want to work?
  10. Multitask

    2014 mkz display issue

    Dup of another post
  11. Multitask

    Sync 1 can't connect phone

    Sync 1, may or may not connect to a modern cel phone... it will have to do with the bluetooth of the car and of the phone, and if they are compatible. 😎
  12. I've done to see if there is a new version waiting, seems that it is not working correctly. This is what I've gotten for almost a week now. Oops! Something went wrong on our end. A message has been sent to our support team, please try again later.
  13. Multitask

    Lincoln Sync page not working

    I changed nothing at my end, and now the page it working... still the same version number, but the file is larger... maybe something changed in one of the file....
  14. Multitask

    Cannot read A7 Nav SD Card

    Could be a bad card port.... might want to have a dealer or qualified place look at it... Does you old card work in another vehicle? If it does, then it is definitely a bad card port
  15. Multitask

    Cannot read A7 Nav SD Card

    I was going to say that Sync 3 does not use an SD card for maps.... 😎 Like I said, either your A7 card is corrupt (bogus) , or you need to see if there is an update to the Sync 2 system that would then make it work. 3.10 or 3.11 is what is currant (if I Remember Right) does your old card work?
  16. Multitask

    Cannot read A7 Nav SD Card

    I think for Sync 2 3.08 might not be the latest. IIRC 3.10 or 3.11 is most recent , your A7 card might want the latest. Also , it is a protected card, so a standard reader will not see it correctly. See if your old one still works, and if it does then you might have to update, or got a corrupt card A7. Could also see if it works in another Sync 2 vehicle. 😎
  17. Lets see , they have not been back since 2019, doubt they will get back to you .... Also, Mirrorlink is junk.
  18. Multitask

    Lincoln Sync page not working

    I go to owner.lincoln.com. log in, then it sends me to https://help.lincoln.com/update-sync/?vin=(my vin) and then I get that error... just got it again... does not matter what browser I use either... At home it is a Mac, at work it is a PC using Win 10 ... so that part does not seem to matter either.... and I'm going to it the same way I've done for 2 years...
  19. Multitask

    Sync 1 can't connect phone

    go to owner.ford.com. create an account, see if there is an update... Sync 1 for a modern phone , will be iffy... factory reset... will clear settings (not take you back to Factory) etc etc
  20. Just curious, what version of the phone OS (and is it Beta) , same with Android Auto... And I take it you have not done any updates to the vehicles Sync 3?
  21. As far as the .xml file, if you want to wait for it (it is in the root of the flash drive) you can, but it's not a big deal (and I seem to remember that ford no longer allows for uploading those...) it basically told the web site you did it... but I really doubt they care anymore. Especially because they are working more on Sync 4 now. BUT, glad you got the Sync 3 update to work. Current Maps are 2-20 but I think you would now have to pay for those, as only the last couple year cars got them for free.
  22. Ok, so the part that deals with 3g does not apply here The phone disconnecting, could be software driven. BUT know that if upgrading from 1.xxx to 3.xxx does not 'fix' that, it could be defective hardware (the ACM tends to be the culprit) there are to ways to know... upgrade the software (should be done anyway). or have the dealer plug it in and test it... first one is free... the dealer might charge
  23. Best practice is to unplug anything that is connected to the sync unit.... no need to remove the bluetooth, but more so the physical. like ipod, etc... yes it will reboot 2-3 times... possibly more if need be... the whole process might take about an hour... Some people hook up a trickle charger for the battery, some go for a long drive.... just as long as the vehicle is running all that time. 😎 USB that can be used is fine for USB 2 , USB 3 an also be used as long as they are formated as fat32, and MBR ... There should be 2 files and 1 folder with files in it... 1 file will show as 0k in size , it is just a marker to tell the system not to index the drive...
  24. If you think that going to Sync 3 3.xxxxxx will stop your troubles with the 3G modem, it will not.... But if the dealer tells you that you do not have a 3G modem, do you have one at all? If you do not, then updating your Sync 3 to 3.xxxxx will not change anything. 😎 ( from 1.xxxxx) Other than looks and some added 'features'
  25. It is not possible to just upgrade the software to go from 3.0 to 3.4 Most of the things you will see are more cosmetic, than functional.... so have them stay at 3.0 It might cost a few hundred dollars to get to 3.4, but then you would not get the automatic updates. Yes, in the long run it can be done, but if your dad needs your help, best to just stick with what he has. 8)