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  1. Ok, then let's see what the dealer comes up with.... Of course the only 2 things that will happen... 1: software update works, 2: replace the APIM with one that works Good Luck
  2. Hmm... depending on what year and vehicle, it seems that you are current... have you gone to owner.lincoln.com or owner.ford.com (depending on what you have) to see if there is an update? my 2020 MKZ-Hybrid came with 3.4, so it's possible
  3. I've not hear of anything... BTW, what version of Sync ? (including build)
  4. See if you have a friend that has something way different (iphone) and see if the same thing happens... just to test if it's the phones or the unit.
  5. Warranty time.... APIM is bad (IMHO)
  6. I see what you have done... but have you deleted the phone from the car, and unpaired it... then allow it to pair again, make sure you accept anything is asks for about tyhe phone or car
  7. The Pic is garbage... see if you can re-download the files... could be corrupt files also make sure the flash drive is USB 2, it will be slower, but more stable....
  8. Sounds like a bug in AA, might have to uninstall and reinstall AA, OR, See if you can go back one update... (prob not) If after you press the button and get the assistant, can you say Call Jim?
  9. No clue, you've done what I would recommend ... could be it is waiting for an update to finish? Could just be a defective APIM
  10. Try unpairing it in the fords... then plug it in... test it... then Pair it while it's plugged in (or maybe not if it still does not work) after that... I'd see if the Ford Dealer knows why... bring both vehicles to show them...
  11. Also, sound from the phone is controled seperately from the volume of everything else... when you know sound should be coming out, try upping the volume, or pressing the Mute Button to unmute... It is odd that it is with both.... maybe a permission is turned off on the phone allowing sound from those apps. I have an S20plus and there seem to be WAY more settings for things then when I used my Pixel 3XL
  12. A thought, when you have it plugged in, and see the Wave (WiFi looking) icon, tap it and see if it is in "Alerts Only" mode... OR, I just looked and https://9to5google.com/2020/01/31/android-auto-silence-notifications/
  13. Multitask

    Radio station changing when I turn on

    So.... sounds like you have Parental setup, or something like it... does it go back to the same station each time? is it the same key? etc...etc... 😎
  14. Ok, glad you were able to sort it out... Yes, the Ford sites can be glitchy at times... I've had it happen. As far as registering the account, while I was adding VINs to my ford account for Sync 3 Updates, I just remember it freaking out on some.. so no blame there, just talking out loud. 😎
  15. Being she is on 3.3, means that she has a newer Sync 3 unit (what year?) Also, are you logging on as her, or you? (might make a difference) But you are right that regardless, it should just say there is no update . Double check the VIN you entered... Out of left field, maybe there is no updates for her car at all.. I say that because maybe it's not a UK car, but from another country? (near by?)
  16. Multitask

    Bluetooth suddenly quit

    The master reset is in the settings... you will have to navigate the menus for it. If after that, and it is still not working, could be the unit has failed and you just need to get a decent one from a wrecking yard to replace it. car-part.com is a good place to start
  17. Yup, owner.ford.com is for the US only (maybe Canada) so as was said, the site you have is the correct one. 😎
  18. Multitask

    USB input

    What version of Sync and do you have 4" or 8" screen (yes we can assume 8" because of nav, but I never assume) Maybe it over heated , see if it's better when things get cooled off... When I had Sync 2, the screen went black when it got too warm. Sucks but it happens....
  19. If you upgraded it from Sync 2 to Sync 3, then owner.ford.com (or equivalent in the UK) will not work. (because it still sees Sync 2 as the default) You will need to source a (wrecked) vehicle that has Sync 3 and use that VIN for the update. (use that VIN instead) I also recommend USB and turn off the WiFi built in.
  20. we're soooo mean... For Sync 1, I believe that 4.xx is the latest... don't remember what version exactly, I'm sure someone will know. I really Doubt Microsoft and Ford are doing ANY updates for that.... they havn't for Sync 2 in a long while, and Sync 3 is in it's last updates as Sync 4 might be coming end of year or at least by next year... I've seen some inclings about the F150 from 2021 having it...
  21. Multitask

    Updating SYNC issues

    Things to know.... what version are you on now? 4.4 if I remember right had issues... and as was said, make sure the USB drive you are using is USB 2, not USB 3 , the older cars don't work well with a newer USB 3 stick.
  22. Multitask

    Insert Nav Card error

    No one that works at Ford has been on any of the 'ford' forums in months
  23. Multitask

    Insert Nav Card error

    When I had my 2013 FFH, the nav card was in the center console... not sure about where in the F250 might be something to see if the dealer will allow you to pick their brain about it...
  24. Multitask

    Insert Nav Card error

    Not sure of the cause, but the APIM is overheating... check the area around it and make sure it's getting the right air flow....