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  1. I have the Pixel 4 Plus, and for navigation it works just fine with Google Maps or Waze.


    If you are trying to control the Sync system, it will not do that as Android Auto takes over the system.  So controlling the Sync system will not happen.


    You can though, have it control what ever system you have installed on the phone... like the various streaming apps... (provided they work in AA)

    You can turn off AA in the settings, but then you would just be using it to charge, and you would get just the Sync system to control.  Can't have it both ways.


    I've read that Sync 4 will (or should) work both ways... but only for newer vehicles.... and it's a ways away....

  2. 6 hours ago, steph07 said:

    hello I have a f6 card on which I have the speed cameras alerts but it is the only one because I also have the f5, f7 and the f7 but there are no speed cameras alerts so I wanted to take the radars file of the f6 to put it on the f8 but I don't know what is the name of the speed camera file


    English please, as this is an English speaking site

  3. THere should be 2 files and a folder with the files in it...

    One file is the autoinstall.lst

    one is the DONTINDX.MSA (only needed so the system does not try to index it)

    And the SyncMyRide folder

    inside the folder are the xxx.TAR.gz files


    as long as you have only those 3 items on your flash drive (recommended a USB 2 drive as USB 3 tend to not work on pre 2018 cars) , and they are the correct ones, then you are good to go