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  1. Yes, and possibly no... it will depend on which one you buy and how it gets programed.


    I did the Sync 2 to Sync 3 on a 2013 and 2018 Fusions, and all the buttons still worked... but I did not program it.  Dan did (person who does the programing)


    If you are on the F150 forums, you can ask and get a response from someone there that has done it.

  2. There are a few things that it could be

    Nav card has gone defective... see if you can borrow one to test (dealers should be able to assist)

    Card slot could be defective


    master reset can also be done by holding the power and seek forward buttons while the sound is on.

    Then go through the menus (you will hear the test at the start and can stop it right away)

    If it does not allow for that, then the ACIM might have gone bad.


  3. 5 hours ago, RedHoncho01 said:

    I have a 2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand touring.  I attempted using a San Disk 1 TB SSD that I had ripped several of my CDs to in WMA (lossless) format.  I keep getting an error that says the device isn't supported.  I got a USB and ripped the same CDs in the same format to it and they play.


    Is there something I need to do to get the SSD to work or is it not possible to use a SDD?


    Make sure it is formated as MBR and exfat

  4. Sync and the Maps are different installs, and different files.


    Sync will have 2 files and a folder with multiple files in it

    Sort of like this below , if you download the file and do not get the SyncMyRide folder, then create one, and move the tar.gz files in it.  make sure you rename them without the SyncMyRide as part of the same .  They used to come that way, but the last time they did not for me, they came correct.  Could be the version of the OS I'm useing , or Ford fixed the issue.  😎


    Example of files in flashdrive folder

  5. It does not matter these days, I do it on my Mac all the time.


    there is a file that NEEDS to be there... (in the root, it comes with every download) even though it is a 0k file.  NONOTINDX.MSA

    Then the vehicle will not try to index it...


    if it's there, and it is still indexing... then something did not happen right.



  6. I was thinking about this topic and something came up that was almost like this...


    I have a 2020 MKZ-Hybrid, and using 3.4, and a 7th gen ipod touch... it's on IOS 15.x

    the other day it just stopped putting out sound, and I think I know why...

    once I updated to 15.1 (yes the beta) it was playing sound again.... 


    So I think it is because apple has a limit on when the 'beta's' stop working right.... had I been on 14, it might not have happened...


    Something to chew on.