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  1. Multitask

    Insert Nav Card error

    No one that works at Ford has been on any of the 'ford' forums in months
  2. Multitask

    Insert Nav Card error

    When I had my 2013 FFH, the nav card was in the center console... not sure about where in the F250 might be something to see if the dealer will allow you to pick their brain about it...
  3. Multitask

    Insert Nav Card error

    Not sure of the cause, but the APIM is overheating... check the area around it and make sure it's getting the right air flow....
  4. I'm talking about the sound system, it would say Sony on it... but if it does not, then you don't have an extra amp. so I take it no sound at all from anything? The ACM is cheep, should be able to find one for about $50-$75 (from a wreck) , but don't by one that came out of a Sony sound system, it will not work... it's Digital
  5. The things you mentioned are the ACM. Is this a sony system?
  6. Usually it's behind the screen, but some vehicles have it on the hump (below the radio), and around that time it was in the center console (like on the Edge).... I did a search, but nothing came up.... here was the info for the Edge/Flex https://www.fordflex.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=15084
  7. I have the Pixel 4 Plus, and for navigation it works just fine with Google Maps or Waze. If you are trying to control the Sync system, it will not do that as Android Auto takes over the system. So controlling the Sync system will not happen. You can though, have it control what ever system you have installed on the phone... like the various streaming apps... (provided they work in AA) You can turn off AA in the settings, but then you would just be using it to charge, and you would get just the Sync system to control. Can't have it both ways. I've read that Sync 4 will (or should) work both ways... but only for newer vehicles.... and it's a ways away....
  8. Multitask

    Sync Has Connected Message

    Sync says that, or your phone? See what version of Sync 2 you have. Latest is still 3.10 I think if it's not, then go to owner.ford.com and see if there is an update for you. it's been a while, but I do believe there is a setting to turn that off (maybe)
  9. In a nut shell... you can't , you would have to purchase the correct SD card
  10. English please, as this is an English speaking site
  11. I don't think that Sync 2 did the speed cameras.... but then I'm not where they matter... 😎
  12. Yea... replacement is usually what needs to get done ...
  13. Multitask

    Update went wrong

    If the dealer did that, then they should fix it... if you did the update from the owner.ford.com site (or wifi which is not reliable BTW), I think they should still fix for free.... BUT, if you did the update from a site that is not official, then you are on your own.
  14. Multitask

    Synce 3 update .ZIP file issues

    THere should be 2 files and a folder with the files in it... One file is the autoinstall.lst one is the DONTINDX.MSA (only needed so the system does not try to index it) And the SyncMyRide folder inside the folder are the xxx.TAR.gz files as long as you have only those 3 items on your flash drive (recommended a USB 2 drive as USB 3 tend to not work on pre 2018 cars) , and they are the correct ones, then you are good to go
  15. Multitask

    Ford Aims to Restart Production at Key North American Plants

    I give up, useless!!!!!!
  16. COuld be time to update, the iphone 11 wasn't built when you car was made... could be it needs newer Sync software owner.ford.com
  17. Why bother posting if the links don't work?
  18. 4" or 8" screen? What is the latest Sync software installed? In the long run Sync is old enough it does not like streaming from the 11
  19. Multitask

    Ford Reassessing Timing of N.A. Plants Resuming Production

    and yet again, link not working
  20. Multitask

    Ford Motor Company News Conference This Morning

    and yet again, link not working
  21. Site can't be reached... just like the others
  22. Multitask

    2015 Exploer Sync 3 climate issue

    So it just resolved its self on its own? Or you did something?
  23. Multitask

    2015 Exploer Sync 3 climate issue

    sync3programing.com Dan can help with that, yes he has a fee, but it's worth it if he can get you going.