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  1. As troubleshooting, put it to the stock config, and see if you have any issues... if not then YES
  2. Yup, AA and Carplay do the same thing.... Yes it would be nice to be able to control Sync 3.x via your voice when AA or CarPlay are running, but that is not how they made it... Sync 4 is supposed to be more friendly about that, but then you might not need AA/CP at that point, because the maps will be more up to date, like Google or Apple Maps...
  3. Sync 4 will be that way..... or that is the plan anyway. 😎
  4. Multitask

    Need Help

    The long and short of it is that yes you can upgrade, but it will cost you . Most likely about 1000-1400, or more There are lots of ways to do it.... buy it ready to go and pay to have it put in , or buy the parts for less and pay to have it put in... OR, you can trade in your vehicle, and get what you want.
  5. Probably got it out of something that was not the same vehicle... will need to learn how to use Forscan
  6. Multitask

    Sync 3......confused, help please

    A 2017 would only go to 3.0.xxxxxx by default. There are ways to move it to 3.4, but there is a possibility of bricking it... rare but it can happen. Your 2017 APIM should be able to handle it , but in the long run it would be better to get a newer APIM (about 300 or less depending on where you get it) from a 2019-2020
  7. A 2013 would not have come with anything over 2.x stock... so someone upgraded it for you before you bought it. https://sync3programming.com/ Dan might be able to assist (for a small fee) I've used him a couple times over the years for the programing.... he's worth it...
  8. Depends on how and what you upgraded, hardware and software.... No Sirius, might mean your ESN number changed and they really don't know where to send the signal. The voice commands are in a file that you might not have installed the right one, or there isn't enough space for it.... LOTS of reasons why....
  9. I don't see mine much, I use Google Maps or Waze But when I do see it, it's translucent... not solid like you showed.... It would be nice it there was a toggle, and that it is only there for a couple seconds....
  10. I dont think you can .... if I'm wrong, someone will post a fix
  11. yup, for some reason the unpacker doesn't like the names for the files in the SyncMyRide folder Dran them in ,and rename them without the SyncMyRide/ names.... so that you get those files with the xxxxx.TAR.gz name in the folder... Soud get something like this
  12. Tons of users think that it's the Macs fault... it's not.... I use a Mac all the time... The issue has to do with the brand/type of USB device.... I have access to a PC and the same drive that I tried on my Mac , also failed on the PC I have about 7 USB v3 drives , and none of them will work (Mac or Windows).... it's the USB v2 that always works... I started a post asking about this... but no one seems to care. yes the drive should be clear of all files that are not for the update... (though not 100% needed but works best) you should see 2 file names and a folder with files in it. autoinstall.lst. <--- shows the files to install DONOTINDX.MSA <-- a 0k size file, no content... needed only so the car does not try to index it. SyncMyRide <-- folder with all the files needed (names should match the names in the autoinstall.lst) the files that end with .tar.gz should remain just that... do not need to unpack them... just make sure they are in the SyncMyRide folder and are the same name format as in the first file.
  13. My question would be, do the physical buttons work... I would also ask what that APIM came out of.... I had one from him and it came out of a truck, for my FFH... had camera issues, and he took it back and refunded... Could be the unit came out of something that does not support your vehicle? Just a thought
  14. Chances they are not from Apple...??
  15. Just a thought... but anything downloaded from Apple will only play in the computer it was downloaded to... and an iPod... not a USB stick... the songs are looking for a 'key' that is in the computer , or the iPOd
  16. Multitask

    Sat Nav cad issue

    By chance did they take it back? If they did some maintenance, they F-ed it up... and should fix it...
  17. Multitask

    Pleased to find you!

    I might retire there.... being it's very cheap to live there... Something that is 120K there, is easily 600K here in Calif.
  18. I'm not sure why it does that.... but .... all you need to do is create the SyncMyRide folder and put the files that end with .gz in it... then rename them without the SyncMyRide\ as part of the file name... the autoinstall.lst and DONTINDX.MSA remain as they are.
  19. Multitask

    Hello all

    Another way to tell... 1: Basic Sync - 4" screen 2: Sync MFT - 8" Screen but no navigation 3: Sync MFT with Voice... - has Navigation with #2 as far as version.... you would have to use the menus to get to the '"About..." screen to see what version it's at. A 2015 could have any of the 3....
  20. Multitask

    Radio stations

    The US and EU use different frequencies for the radio, and Sirius...etc.... From what I have seen, you will need to purchase an ACM that is for the area you are in ,and swap them.... though this might not be 100% of what you need to do... contacting a dealer there might be better in the long run... though I doubt they will know either... 😎
  21. What phone? 4.3 may mean you have Sync 1 (known as just Sync) Modern Phones are using a newer BlueTooth, and just maybe it is not as compatible as you would like .... See if another phone does the same thing.... spouse, friend, etc...
  22. Multitask

    Sirius xm missing channels in sync 3.0

    If everything is up to date, and no hardware was swapped out (that you know of), and XMSirius asked for the correct # and you gave the one you see. THen I would assume the ACM is defective. You can attempt a Factory Reset, and see if that helps... otherwise time for the dealer (and talk to the place that you bought it see if they will fix under the warranty.
  23. Could be... I have a Gen 7 touch, and I haven't seen that ti's having to 'charge', but then I keep it in the arm rest. I even set it to Airplane mode do it does not 'try' connect to anything... On Playlists, I don't use them... so I'm not going to comment
  24. Not sure about the power on the USB port , but the ipod is always on, and if it's not getting a charge from that port, then that would explain it.... It probably gets turned off when the vehicle is off....
  25. Multitask

    Audio off

    I've seen discussions about the 'hotspot' and why didn't F/L allow the updates that way... I'm sure they could have , but it's data intensive, and you would pay WAY more for the 'hotspot' than planned.... Cheeper to connect to WiFi and then it's as free as it can be. BUT, there are issues with doing it that way... not horrible ones, but they are there.... amount of time, good WiFi connections etc.... USB seems to be the most reliable, and fastest...