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  1. Try another browser, clear the cache .... make sure you have the most recent public version and not a beta of the browser Just things to check, see if you get the same results on another computer , if so, then it's your profile and you'd have to talk to Ford about that...
  2. So this file JR3T-14G381-AL.zip , Is this universal for NAV and non-NAV? I have it and want to make sure. I have non-NAV
  3. Lets just hope that once they stop making the sedans that the maps will be available for a while, and the updates will at least be for a while, not expecting much there. Same as the Sync2 updates. 8)
  4. Yes, they are newer than the 1.16 and it has more roads
  5. Factory reset just gets rid of settings, not reverting back versions Its the same as what you can do with your cel phone...
  6. Multitask

    Sync 3 nav promps

    If it's like Sync2 days, when the radio is on, and then the voice comes on WHILE the voice is on you can adjust the volume.
  7. Multitask

    Android Auto

    This is for Sync 2. i think you have to have Sync 3 3.x for it to be there, with Sync 3 2.x it is not there I'm sure this will get moved to the correct forum
  8. I've had Nav units both 'in car' and 3rd party, they are usually 2-4 years behind, and to get updates cost $$$. While I don't have Sync3 "yet" , I thought maps would be updated via wifi, not to say they would do it on a regular basis. I have the A7 card for my sync 2, and A8 it seems is out, but I'm not going to nor do I need it yet. If I really need to know that info, I'll use my phone. Someday soon, I'll use Android Auto for detail, and the built in nav for basic.
  9. Very odd. Does the CD play in your car? Are the files in a folder? Try moving them to just the root with no other files/folders on there. It also might depend on the extension, .MP3 etc...
  10. Here is what I would try... Another USB stick, or reformat and put the files back on. See if they will play on another machine (car or computer) And of course, are they ripped from your CD, or purchased from Apple/Amazon etc.... If purchased then that is why.
  11. Anything purchased will not play because of the DRM. You would need an iPod for that. other than copy the files directly there is no other easter way I know of.
  12. I updated to the A7 from A4, and it's slower. Even after a master reset. Also wish it would remember that I want 3D not 2D
  13. As far as the speed limits, it will depend on when the speed limit was changed. Typically the newest maps are still about 1-2 years behind what is actually there. I've had it where I'm on the freeway (highway) and it shows I'm someplace near, had that with A4 as well.
  14. Multitask

    Sync 3 update

    As someone who has worked at a call center in the past (computer support), I can tell you that sometimes they are the last to know any official news. More often it's the end user (customers) that hear of things, call the call center for updates and they of corse have not been told about it. IF they have been told, sometimes they are also told not to ay anything until a specific date, but that is rare. Like with mine, I have a 2013 hybrid, that there has not been an update since it came out. Even though there is a newer version for other cars. I find that odd, but it is what it is.
  15. Multitask

    Phone dials on startup

    JUst a thought, maybe you had it set to do the dial in to send the car stats (I forget the actual name) every 5000 or 7000 miles...etc... 8)
  16. Multitask

    Can play all mp3's but one on USB

    is it xx.mp3 or something else... maybe it's .aac ? THen covert it to what ever itunes lets you....
  17. I have a 3TB drive with about 800GB of music on it... so far it has Indexed about 16000 files.... and it's still going... but it's taken about 2 weeks to get that far.... So it can be done, just don't think all your music will be available right away....
  18. Multitask

    Can play all mp3's but one on USB

    DRM? downloaded it from a place that might have made it a virus...?? If it plays in iTunes, try converting it...
  19. Multitask

    SYNC 4.6 is here.........sort of

    I just downloaded it again for my 2012 Fusion SEL , and there is an extra file in it now. BUT, when I put the USB stick with these file in, it's still not working. Now granted, I'm not doing this through the stock stereo, I'm sending he command from my Pioneer radio (AVIC-8100NEX) useing the MaestroRR , there is a menu item to reset or install. With 4.4 it would start then say missing file... now it looks like it's started, but it keeps opening up the Phonebook, on the Upper display it showed as SYNC with LINE IN on the 2nd line, but then goes to PHON with nothing on the lower line that is when it goes to the phonebook of the Pioneer... I really don't care if it works or not, as all the functions of the Pioneer radio work. I don't get the SYNC stuff, but I'm sure I wouldn't use it if everything was working 100%. 8)
  20. Multitask

    4.6 update not installing.

    Just to save time, can you look at my post here ...? http://www.fordfusionforum.com/topic/15433-sync-46-is-heresort-of/ You will see that the scripts that are in the zip file, point to a file that is not in the SyncMyRide folder
  21. Multitask

    4.6 update not installing.

    I'm doing this from a Mac 2012 Fusion SEL Got the file, unpacked it, the files that are in the folder show up as a whole name not files in a folder , ie.e folder\filename.ext If I renmae and move them into the named folder, either way I allow it, it doesn't work... says file not found
  22. Multitask

    4.6 update not installing.

    Hmmm, I just went there and downloaded the file again. It has the same name, but what I see that is different is there is an extra file... FJ-14D546-VA.pks that file was not in there the last time I downloaded it. I'm going to try it later today see if it works