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  1. Hi Multitask, no i'm not upgrade my iPhone...
  2. My iPhone was synced and was working fine since 3 years old in my 2012 Mustang and three days ago it stopped working when I plug into USB cable. When I push the voice button nothing happens as well. When I push the AUX button the screen flashes "SYNC" but then reverts back to the last radio station I was listening to. At times I can access on the Menu AUX, and i try Reboot Sync or Master reset but at the end of reset, SYNC seems block. I turn off turn on for recover FM radio. I disconnected the battery to force a hard reboot: It did not work (Sync is reset to default) I disconnected fuse Sync and reconnected fuse Sync: It did not work I use the last update of Sync1 Any idea Please ? Thanks
  3. jeanmoulin54

    Download update fails

    Hello everyone, I have the same problem, impossible to download the last update on website with 4 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE) Waiting for fix ... Thanks Jo