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  1. There are some posts of this on the web, it's something related to lines and spaces. Edit files autoinstall.lst and install.lst and insert a new line between the existing test like: [Windows Mobile for Automotive 5.8] Item1 = 8L2T-14D546-AF Open1 = SyncMyRide\8L2T-14D546-AF.CAB Item2 = E1BT-14D546-KB Open2 = SyncMyRide\E1BT-14D546-KC.CAB
  2. Hi, It's on the side panel below the radio, check for this video on 7m32s:
  3. foicanetadavo

    Sync firmware upgrade in Europe?

    Successfully updated Sync 5.8 to 5.9 on my Mondeo MK5 (SYNC 1.1) and also updated Sync My Touch from the binaries on ZIP.
  4. foicanetadavo

    2014 Fusion & Gen 1?

    There's a link from Ford: http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen1v441buildEE2824updatefromv4134packageRev2.zip
  5. foicanetadavo

    Sync firmware upgrade in Europe?

    Hello, Seems there are some updates directly from Ford for SYNC 1: http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen1v441buildEE2824updatefromv4134packageRev2.zip Has anyone tried them yet?