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  1. So I got it working - I'll give a quick run-down in case it can help others: I went to a used car website and searched for 2016 Mustang GT premiums that had the same features of my car and grabbed the VIN. I added that VIN as a vehicle on owner.ford.com and after a lot of finagling (Man, their site is terrible) I downloaded the update image "JR3T-14G381-AM.zip". I stuck it on a USB and went to install it, but was told it was incompatible because this release was for a unit with navigation, which my car does not have. So, I went back to the used car site and looked for a car without nav. Trying to specifically find a Mustang GT Premium without nav is harder than you'd think - It's not like "No NAV" is an option. I ended up scrollig through interior pictures until I found one that had the SYNC screen without the NAV button at the bottom. So I added that VIN to my ford owner's site (I already have two Fords so I probably look like a car dealer at this point :-) ) Here's where it got weird - The download for the car without nav has the same filename as one with nav (JR3T-14G381-AM.zip) but I downloaded it to a different spot so I could compare the two. It turns out that these are two different files - The non-nav version is a lot bigger than the version with nav, 2.3GB vs 1.6GB. I'd hate to be a Ford release engineer because this must cause havoc internally when they want to test their software. Anyways, I stuck the larger version on my USB key, booted it up in the car, and I now have CarPlay (and I assume Android Auto)! I'm now running Sync 3, Software Version:3.0 Build 18093_PRODUCT. Time to take it for a spin and make sure everything works. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  2. Currently at Sync 3, Software version 1.0 Build 15139 I haven't been able to find a downloadable link anywhere - I used to get them from 4dtech..com (which is where I got my usb hub) but they no longer offer updates unless you buy a head unit from them. I bought mine from ebay a couple years ago.
  3. All I really want is CarPlay and Android Auto. I use them a ton in my truck. Could you elaborate on the VIN requirement? What do I do - get the VIN of the vehicle and then register it as a vehicle on the my ford website? Then just pull down the images manually?
  4. I have a 2015 Mustang that I installed a newer head unit in to take advantage of Sync 3. I've installed the USB hub adapter to take advantage of the newer builds with Carplay and Android Auto. However I can no longer find any downloads for the newer builds that add these features. Has Ford been wiping them from the internet or am I just not looking in the right places? OTA updates don't work because my Ford owner page thinks I'm still running the older head unit.
  5. jerkychew

    Sync 3 3.3 Is Out & About

    Hi, I just finally got the USB adapter for my Sync 3 deck in my 2015 Mustang and I'm not familiar with the upgrade process - I'm guessing you registered a newer VIN to get the update but I don't know what "KIJI'd" means - Could somebody fill me in? Google didn't help.
  6. Hi, I have a 2015 Mustang GT. I replaced the stock head unit with a Sync 3 model last year. I just picked up the required USB hub update for CarPlay and Android auto, but the pins don't line up - My 2015 unit has both USB and SD card, and the new hub is USB only. It looks like there are an extra 4 pins on the old unit for the SD card so the wiring adapter won't fit in the new hub. Has anybody successfully wedged this newer hub into a 2015 Mustang? Best-case, it would be awesome if somebody made an 8 to 4-pin adapter so it was just plug and play. If not, does anybody know the model number of the 2016 plug, and hopefully the correct wiring pinouts so I could cut and splice things myself? Happy to hear any suggestions. Thanks! Oh yeah, almost forgot to post an image. Here are both units - The older, 8-pin unit is on top.
  7. Decent write-up on tech that I'm starting to think I'm never going to see in my car... http://mobilesyrup.com/2016/07/31/ford-sync-3-hands-on-canada/
  8. jerkychew

    How to manually install update?

    Did you have to do anything to tell Ford you were updated? Send it an updated health report or anything? I have a 2015 Mustang that I put a Sync 3 deck in and owner.ford.com still thinks I'm at Sync 2 v3.8. Though it also thinks my car has 2,057,500 miles...
  9. jerkychew

    Ford Sync to Sync 3 Upgrade

    I bought a Sync 3 unit on eBay and installed it myself. The seller programmed the VIN for me. According to Ford support this voids all kinds of warranties and OTA updates won't work because your radio won't be linked to your VIN at Ford's support site. Since we haven't seen an update yet I don't know if side-loading is possible or if I have to figure out other ways to get updates installed. One option may be registering an unsold vehicle's VIN to your Ford account, but I haven't tried that yet either.
  10. jerkychew

    How to manually install update?

    I did the same thing. The problem (which is why I started this thread) is that My Ford owner's page doesn't recognize that my car has Sync 3 so I won't be able to get over the air software updates.
  11. jerkychew

    How to manually install update?

    Does it have details on what the additional required hardware is? I wish I had known this ahead of time, I would have waited to buy my head unit. I actually liked the My Ford Touch's display layout better than Sync3... My crappy eyes can't read what song is playing.
  12. jerkychew

    How to manually install update?

    Well that's depressing, considering how much I just paid for the damn radio. Seems weird that it would require a hardware update, my Pioneer AVIC head unit just needed a software update to support CarPlay last year.
  13. jerkychew

    How to manually install update?

    NotMy911, that's Ford's "AppLink". Honestly, If it supported Waze and Apple Music I probably wouldn't care about CarPlay that much. https://developer.ford.com/pages/applink
  14. jerkychew

    2015 Mustang - Upgrading to SYNC 3?

    Yes and no - When I bought it I was told the unit didn't have nav, which wasn't a big deal to me because I use Waze exclusively. The seller told me that nav would work with a third party GPS antenna, which he included. However even after plugging in the antenna I can't get nav to launch at all. But I wasn't expecting nav to work so no big deal. Other than the nav issue, everything works fine. I made a video of the process which I'll upload to YouTube once I edit the thing. It shows the install and basic functionality. I was a little worried because the climate-controlled seats weren't working at first but it turns out I needed the car to be running for that to work. After a couple days of driving there have been no surprises.
  15. jerkychew

    How to manually install update?

    Great, thanks! Ford support confirmed that CarPlay is not available to everyone yet, and that there's no easy way for me to get the updates because my account is tied to my VIN, which only supports the stereo that came with my car. Once the new update comes out I'm going to try registering the VIN of a 2016 Mustang off AutoTrader or something and see what happens. :-)