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  1. NOTMY911

    Insert Nav Card error

    Good luck with that one...
  2. Same on my Lincoln MKX 13 and 16 but apparently you and I should do some learning...
  3. Must be a higher Version because I'm still stuck with 1 "Climate" command which is Pitiful...
  4. Just saying "redial" (plugged or not) does work
  5. NOTMY911

    Sync screen needs brightness UP to dim??!?

    And soon Sync 4 will be across the brands/models and we will all be screwed.
  6. NOTMY911

    Ford Pass Broken?

    If you got an iPhone, ditch the app from the cloud and then reinstall
  7. NOTMY911

    Ford Pass Broken?

    Same thing with the Lincoln Way last week. Its now showing the mileage but I can't even find the Oil Life display anymore...
  8. NOTMY911

    Wireless CarPlay

    Should be on my next one... Waiting for the next Nautilus generation.
  9. NOTMY911

    Wireless CarPlay

    I talked to them. It will work if you have change the USB "receiver" in the car with the one that is fitted in the 17 model which I did so I have Carplay but it need to be plugged in.
  10. NOTMY911

    Wireless CarPlay

    Did anybody has one of those? www.carplay2air.com
  11. NOTMY911

    Sync 3 Update

    USB2 only and some stick don't want to play... Once you find a stick that work leave it in the car and use it for the next update.
  12. Since I'm waiting for the next generation of the MKX/Nautilus, Sync 4 should be stable by then.
  13. I was more referring to command like "Fan Speed 3" which I was able to do on a 2009 Odyssey.
  14. What do you mean by "just purchased the update for version 3.0." and "Will I need to pay for this update from v2.0 to v3.0?"