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  1. dougarndt

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    Hello Rebecca, I've been sitting tight for 2 wks now. An update would be appreciated.
  2. dougarndt

    File Not Found

    I was able to use a different program to unzip the files directly to the USB memory stick, but I still get the same errors. The folder structure on the memory stick looks something like this... Gen2v38build15128updatepackageNARev2 autoinstall.lst DONTINDX.MSA SyncMyRide BT4T-14D546-EE.cab BT4T-14D546-FB.cab EA5T-14D544-AD.zip etc, ​​Is this correct?
  3. dougarndt

    File Not Found

    Yes, forgot to mention I did a master reset too. The files automatically unzip to my desktop unless I put the zipped file on the USB first. If I do that, do I then delete the zipped file off the USB before updating? Thanks, Doug
  4. I'm trying to do my first sync upgrade on my 2013 Explorer and have tried every suggestion possible on the forum and I always get the same error "File Not Found" "Please check that the installation file is in the root directory of your storage device". So far I've tried: (3) different USB drives Using touch screen for App updates Using steering wheel commands to select USB drive At this point, It's either take it to the dealer or give up... File Not Found.pdf Sync Files.pdf