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  1. I had my 2017 Ford Edge Titanium at dealer today for oil change and tires rotation. While there I talked to their Tech. about map updates, he said that the Ford site is down and just says to check back later. He also told me that there will be version v3.1 for Sync3 released shortly. He didn't know what was in that release though. Hope it has a fix for my Apple Carplay not always working since updating to IOS12 on iPhone 7.
  2. When using Waze on Carplay pressing the microphone icon on the top right of the display and then saying your destination works real well. It works a lot better than the Ford voice recognition. I keep getting a problem upon reconnecting with Apple Carplay though. The iPhone battery indicator goes from green to white then the phone vibrates and the battery indicator goes back to green. This keeps repeating but Carplay never starts. I tried rebooting the Sync3 system and reloading Carplay on the iPhone and vehicle, but same thing happens. I using the original iPhone USB cable. The only way out of this is to restart the Sync3 system by pressing the Seek+Power buttons and holding them tell Sync3 reboots. This works for awhile but then after a few reconnects it starts over again. This restart problem was finally fixed by doing a "Master Reset" on the Sync3 system and reconnecting the iPhone to bluetooth and Carplay.
  3. Waze version 4.43.4 along with IOS 12 put Waze on Apple CarPlay now. Running Waze on CarPlay doesn't keep the iPhone screen lite up so the phone doesn't get hot like it does when using Ford AppLink. Also Google Maps is now on CarPlay.
  4. After reading PhatNoiseProgrammer's post I experimented with my USB and MP3 files and found that if the music files are not in folders like they are in iTunes by Artist, Album, Track but just placed on the root of the USB they index faster. The index time went from 20 minutes to just under 2 minutes on my 2017 Edge with Sync3 for 3,000 songs and 5 playlists. On my 2014 Taurus the index time went from 20 minutes to 1 minute for the same 3,000 songs and 5 playlists. They both are now indexed before the first song playing ends and the Edge no longer hangs up after playing the first song waiting for the indexing to finish. I used iTunes Export which is free software and set the playlist format to "M3U" and the copy files setting to "Flatten". I then used MP3GAIN free software to level the loudness.
  5. The "autoinstall.lst" file first line says "; SYNC3 Consumer Assembly Upgrade - Release 3.0.14 - Only for Nav/NA assemblies." which to me means it's for Navigation/North America. I have Navigation and it installed OK, everything works so far but I haven't noticed any changes, maybe just fixes some bugs?
  6. I have a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with Navigation that was updated to V3.0 in May 2018. Today when I checked the Ford owner site there was a new version of V3.0 for download. The one in may was JR3T-14G381-AM 3.0.13 this one is now 3.0.14. I downloaded it to USB and installed it in my Edge, it took only about 15 minutes to install. I don't know what it fixed or changed, nothing obvious but everything seems to work OK. Ford should get better at telling what revisions change or update. The general information in the Edge now shows it at 18093. I hope that they fixed the USB so that it doesn't re-index about every 3rd time that I restart the vehicle. Time will tell.
  7. Anyone know if the NA 1 17 Navigation map update is released yet? Has anyone purchased it?
  8. I was meaning the part number and if you can order it yet?
  9. Waze is started on the iPhone first and then shows up on the Sync3 applink for selection. The display differences that I talked about were changes between Waze running on Sync3 and then turning off the vehicle and later turning it back on, during the off time the iPhone was left plugged into USB and nothing on the iPhone or Sync3 was touched. Waze came back on the Sync3 display and still contained the destination, just showed differences in the display. I guess Waze kept running on the iPhone even though the vehicle was turned off. The iPhone gets quite warm when using Waze on Sync3, does it get warm when using it on AA?
  10. Interesting thing on the off-center display. Yesterday I was driving with WAZE running for directions and it had the off-center display with the large black rectangle directions on the left side about centered. I pulled into a gas station and turned off the vehicle without disconnecting or changing the iPhone connection. When I restarted the vehicle WAZE started back up and resume its directions but the display was now centered and the black rectangle directions as smaller in height and at the top of the map display. The directions were readable and the display was exactly the way I would want it. The next time I turned off the vehicle and restarted the display was again off-centered but the black rectangle was still smaller in height but now it was down a little from the top of the map display. It seems that either Ford or WAZE have a few different display selections which would be fine if we could select the one we want and keep it that way. Anyone else experience this?
  11. Tried Waze last night on a drive home and it worked ok. I noticed that the display showing were your vehicle is located is shifted off center to the right. I thought this was because of transfering to the Ford screen but then when I got home and disconnected my phone I found out that Waze in landscape mode on the phone is off centered, hope Waze fixes this. See "Almun" third picture in above post, it shows the off center display.
  12. Waze is now working in my 2017 Ford Edge Sync3 v3.0 with Waze version 4.37 using my iPhone 7 connected to USB. I had to re-read the mobile apps in the Sync apps menu a few times to get it to work. Also found out that if my phone is connected to bluetooth and I connect my wife's by USB Waze will work from her phone. The thing is that while using Waze that's connected to her phone and inputting a destination on the car display there is a clicking sound for each input. If I switch her phone to bluetooth connection and use Waze by the USB then there is no clicking sound. I hope in future revision to either Ford or Waze that the buttons on the bottom of the car display when using Waze would scroll down like when using the Ford navigation, this allows the map display to be bigger.
  13. FordGuy

    Navigation MAPS for Sync 3

    HOJO and ShelbyGT350, I get the same thing as you get on both of those sites.
  14. Thanks for the information. When I go talk to my dealer I will see if I can at least get the NA 1 16 map version. Does anyone know if the 14,15,16 relates to the year the maps are updated too?
  15. The Ford owner site now has V3.0 released for my 2017 Ford Edge Titanium. It took about 18 minutes to install by USB.
  16. What is the maps revision in your 2018 F-150? The maps in my 2017 Ford Edge are "NA 1 15". I've seen on-line that owners with 2016 vehicles are "NA 1 14" just want to know if the 2018 even though they are out of date have a newer maps revision. It would be something that us owners with 2016 & 2017 could then contact our dealers with and at least argue to be updated to that revision. It may help us all if enough people complain to their dealers with actual knowledge that there is at least a newer revision out.
  17. I thought that the naviextras site was used for Australia updates. Will it also be used for the USA updates?
  18. I talked with the sales manager here in South Carolina and he called Ford. They told him that an update for the maps would be out sometime in March, he said they were very vague about when exactly and how. He also said that he had 2 other customers ask him the same question within the last week. Hope Ford follows thru and comes up with an upgrade.
  19. I talked with the sales manager here in South Carolina and he called Ford. They told him that an update for the maps would be out sometime in March, he said they were very vague about when exactly and how. He also said that he had 2 other customers ask him the same question within the last week. Hope Ford follows thru and comes up with an upgrade.
  20. I've got a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium bought in July 2017 and it came with NA 1 15 map revision which is 2 years old. I e-mail HERE maps and got no answer on when there would be an update. I also went on the Ford CHAT and they gave me no answer. I see on-line that Australia and the UK can get free map updates for 5 years. I guess Ford doesn't care about us here in the USA.
  21. FordGuy

    Updates Maps

    It turns out that I made a settings change in Navigation preferences from "Voice Only" to "Voice and Tones" so it wasn't due to any updates. As I listed before that my SYNC3 is at V2.2 and Navigation rev at NA 1 15. I found that on a web site that there is a V3.0 but it hasn't been released by Ford. Also I have not found any newer revision for the Navigation. Ford needs to get updates out for both the Software and the Navigation. Would also be a good thing if we had a Forum that someone from Ford would actually answer our questions and provide new information about the SYNC systems, only going to lose repeat buyers by not helping them.
  22. That site doesn't show anything for the Sync 3 vehicles, just the Sync 2. Ford sends you to that site but it's useless. The Sync 3 has been out for 2 years now and no one that I contact at Ford can tell me when or even how the outdated Navigation maps will be updated. So much for their new and improved Sync 3, at least with my Sync 2 MFT in my 2014 Ford Taurus Limited I know where to purchase map updates, even though they are way to costly.
  23. The last sentence above, about the iPod classic draining it's battery over night appears to have been corrected when I did a "SYNC Module Reset" which is performed as follows : SYNC Module Reset: • Select radio. • Hold the power button (center of the volume knob) + the right-seek button at the same time for up to 5 seconds. • The display will indicate when the module is resetting. You may then release the buttons. I was told to do the reset by Ford Chat to see if it would help out with the USB stick being re-indexed a lot. Have not ran the vehicle enough to know if that was fixed. But I did plug in the iPod classic and left it overnight to recheck the battery problem before taking it to the dealer. Next morning the iPod battery was not drained like it did 2 others times, so no need to go to dealer. Hope fully the re-indexing will be less also.
  24. The "Turn Left Now" vs Beeps turns out to be a setting I apparently changed in the Navigation Preference's from "Voice Only" to "Voice and Tones". I checked with Ford Chat and they said that V3.0 is not released yet.